Zoobic Safari : deer with a broken antler


Zoobic Safari. This deer somehow managed to get out of the cage. Some of the people were avoiding it thinking perhaps that it was ferocious. It wasn’t, actually. Not exactly friendly but it was content to just sit and gaze around. It didn’t mind people getting near it. I was about two meters away when I took this photo and that was how I noticed the broken antler with traces of blood.


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    Hi. When we went to Subic Safari, we were told that some animals are actually allowed to roam free so the deer must be one of them. Sad though that it broke it’s antler.

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    The ones allowed to roam free are on another section–the ostriches, goats, etc. (will post photos later :)). Those are the ones visitors see during the train ride. The deer above was in the caged section and the Zoobic people were trying to guide it back to its cage.