World of Butterflies rance to the World of Butterflies in Marikina City

We visited the “World of Butterflies” opened in Marikina City within a week from its opening day in 2004. a butterfly's watering hole

It would have been nice to photograph butterflies in flight but that’s easier said than done. Mostly, I had to wait until they had alighted before taking photos. a butterfly hanging upside down from a leaf

A butterfly hanging upside down from a leaf. a butterfly resting on a leaf

This butterfly must be tired–kids chased them all over the place. a butterfly sipping a flower's nectar

And this is a hungry butterfly sipping a flower’s nectar. a blue and gray butterfly sipping the nectar of a yellow flower

Another hungry butterfly sipping the nextar of a yellow flower. a colorful orange and black butterfly posing for the camera

Ah, the best photo from the batch. This orange and black butterfly was obliging enough to pose before the camera. another butterfly on a leaf

Another tired butterfly. wonderful contrast--an orange butterfly on a bright green leaf

I wish there were more butterflies with such bright colors. I think they’re more expensive that’s why most of the butterflies there were the more common ones. are these butterflies playing or fighting over the water

Are these butterflies playing or fighting over the water? thirsty butterfly

A very thirsty butterfly.