Where it’s Christmas all year ’round

Some people clean their houses from top to bottom before the New Year; I clean out my hard drive. I’ve been deleting duplicate photos and unwanted files all day when I came upon the tons of photos from last summer’s trip to Boracay, Aklan and Capiz, including a visit to the Panay church. And there were so many photos that never got published including those taken at the Sampaguita Gardens Resort where the theme is Christmas all year ’round.

casaveneracion.com Sam Butcher's mansion, Sampaguita Gardens Resort

casaveneracion.com Tabletop Christmas trees

The two photos above were taken at Sam Butcher’s mansion (see a related entry with photos of a Cory Aquino painting and some gorgeous Faberge eggs). Mr. Butcher is the creator of the Precious Moments figurines and dolls. The photos below were taken at Jojo’s Christmas Cottage, also in Mr. Butcher’s Sampaguita Gardens Resort, a three-story store selling Precious Moments dolls and figurines in all sizes and themes.

casaveneracion.com Jojo's Christmas Cottage, Sampaguita Garden's Resort

casaveneracion.com Christmas stocking

casaveneracion.com Christmas tree

casaveneracion.com Christmas tree ornaments

I’m thinking it’s a good thing I forgot to post all these photos during the previous months because I now get to post them in time for the holidays.


  1. says

    Asianmommy, Sam and Alex each bought a Precious Moments doll and Sam Butcher personally signed them — under the foot. :)

    Geri, thanks! I think this should solve the issue of the index page loading so slowly because of the number of pics. Oh, and there’s a little more to be done. I’m moving the Daily Photos section here too. :)

    • says

      Sassy I actually stumbled on to this guy Sam Butcher’s place in Aklan last April and wondering what the hell that was about. I mean, seeing this in the middle of the summer heat wasn’t comforting at all, it was downright unnerving and bizarre. I actually questioned some of the people working there if this guy engaged in pathological pederasty or was some kind of evangelical sociopath. I appreciated the blank looks. The vibes of that place freaked me out. ;-)

      • claudine charie says

        I love precious moment. Even my ATM card and Checks have precious moment design. (It’s from Bank of America.)I envy your daughter precious moment with Sam’s name on it. :))