Well, they sure looked like potholders — with paws and claws

casaveneracion.com not-potholders

Think of it this way. Take a potted plant. Say, a pot of sweet basil with flowers blooming on the tips. Show it to a botanist and he will see a specimen. Show to a decorator and he might see something that can adorn a window or a corner of the patio. Show it to a cook and he’ll see aromatic herbs that belong in a pot or a salad bowl.

So, when I saw that thing in the photo above in Tagaytay the other weekend, I was sure they were potholders — attached by a long piece of cloth so that the mitts will always stay together as a pair. Potholders come in different colors and designs — why not with paws and claws?

But they weren’t potholders.

According to the salesgirl, they were scarves…

casaveneracion.com not-potholders1

… With attached mittens.

casaveneracion.com not-potholders2

I asked Speedy to demonstrate.

casaveneracion.com not-potholders3

Want one? Anyone?


  1. housekeeper says

    Wow… sabagay, malamig diyan sa Tagaytay kaya kailangan ng scarves.

    At ang galing mag-demo ni Mang Speedy ha! Hindi yung gray ang pinili – yung pink talaga! Ika nga ng isang slogan, “real men wear pink!” :-)

  2. natzsm says

    Hahaha, I highly doubt they are scarves. More like mittens the way Mr. Speedy demonstrated so they may pass as potholders.

    Long ago, during the first few years of what is now known as the Dapitan Arcade- there was no arcade yet, they were just selling on the curve during that time, I was able to buy a funny and weird looking ash tray (according to the salesgirl) for only 10 pesos. I took a closer look at it and although it was the first time for me to see something like it, I figured it was for roasting chicken where you sit the chicken upright. I at once took 20 pieces meant to be as a Christmas gift to my friends and family together with a roasted chicken recipe. I even made tawad by asking for additional pieces so she gave me an addtional 4 making them two dozens for 200 pesos! Before leaving the store with my chicken roasters, I told the salesgirl what they were used for.

    On my next visit to Dapitan, the item already had a sign which read, Chicken Roasters 50 pesos.

    PS: for the purpose of showing you the chicken roaster AKA ashtray, I searched for an image of it online. It ALMOST looks like this except that it was a blackish color.


      • natzsm says

        Yup, they were terra cotta. I never did check the price until NOW when I was looking for a pic to show you. I didn’t realize how much they cost!

        Turned out to be a grand Christmas gift after all. :)

  3. misao says

    ah, yes, those… I first saw them on the internet a few months ago, worn by kids of celebrities. yes, it is a scarf (long enough for kids) and mitts.