Well, they sure looked like potholders — with paws and claws

casaveneracion.com not-potholders

Think of it this way. Take a potted plant. Say, a pot of sweet basil with flowers blooming on the tips. Show it to a botanist and he will see a specimen. Show to a decorator and he might see something that can adorn a window or a corner of the patio. Show it to a cook and he’ll see aromatic herbs that belong in a pot or a salad bowl.

So, when I saw that thing in the photo above in Tagaytay the other weekend, I was sure they were potholders — attached by a long piece of cloth so that the mitts will always stay together as a pair. Potholders come in different colors and designs — why not with paws and claws?

But they weren’t potholders.

According to the salesgirl, they were scarves…

casaveneracion.com not-potholders1

… With attached mittens.

casaveneracion.com not-potholders2

I asked Speedy to demonstrate.

casaveneracion.com not-potholders3

Want one? Anyone?