Weekend in Tagaytay

Speedy was invited to a christening party in Alfonso, Cavite and the baby’s mother asked him to bring his family. The christening was Sunday (yesterday) and Speedy suggested we drive to Tagaytay on Saturday afternoon and spend the night there. And so we did.

Time was when a day’s trip to Tagaytay meant picnics and swimming at Sierra Grande resort. Sierra Grande folded up a long time ago and picnics in Tagaytay are no longer what they used to be. You can’t even get roadside tables and chairs without paying for them. Worse, many of the quaint little eateries have been replaced by fast food chains. Instead of small restaurants offering home cooked bulalo, there are large establishments with quartets “serenading” diners for a fee. The singers can’t even memorize their lines properly. You can’t view Taal volcano from the road because business establishments block the view. There is an ongoing construction there now, a multistory hotel right on the ledge and you can just imagine what that means. One of these days, you’ll have to check in to a hotel or eat at their restaurants just to get a glimpse of Taal volcano.

Sam wasn’t too unhappy though because the cool air meant we could keep the windows down. She was taking photos nonstop and, as usual, she captured some pretty interesting stuff like this car whose owner is proudly a Sanrio fan.

casaveneracion.com Car with Hello Kitty design

casaveneracion.com Car with Hello Kitty design

I wasn’t too unhappy either because we discovered Java Jazz and the paintings were awesome. We went home too with the kind of loot that will keep me occupied for months. Perhaps, even years.

casaveneracion.com Fruit trees from Tagaytay

Fruit trees, baby… fruits trees. Kalamansi, avocado, Ponkan orange, lime and sampalok. I will finally be replacing a lot of ornamental plants in the garden. We already have lots of herbs and now we’ll have a variety of fruit trees too in addition to the lone mango tree that is already flowering beautifully. Where did I get them?

Every time we go to Tagaytay, one of the last stops is always Mahogany Market. We brought an ice chest and I was all set to buy Batangas beef. But it was crowded and we had to park behind the fruits section. Sam, my photographer for the day, was all set to walk with me to the meat section when… What luck! We parked right beside the sellers of herbs and grafted fruit trees.

casaveneracion.com Grafted fruit trees

casaveneracion.com Grafted fruit trees

I hope you can read the labels. There were so many varieties that I had a hard time deciding which ones I wanted. I don’t have a one-hectare garden so I had to content myself with just five. The price was P250 per tree but, you know, it’s a market and one has to haggle. I was able to get five trees for P1000.00 plus a few potted herbs for free.

If you’re not into fruit trees but prefer flowering trees that can perfume your garden, there are flowering trees too like ylang-ylang and champaca.

casaveneracion.com Trees for sale

All I need to do know is decide where my kalamansi, avocado, Ponkan orange, lime and sampalok trees should go.