Volcanic rock

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It was tempting to describe this volcanic rock as HUGE but it is only huge compared to the smaller ones that you see on the background. This volcanic rock is small compared to some of those we saw on the road between Legazpi City and Tabaco City. The really huge ones are larger than houses and they were everywhere. Something to give scientists an adrenalin rush, I suppose, but for the residents who lost homes and livelihood, I guess the volcanic rocks are nothing but a curse.


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    We saw the same rocks when we went to visit last year (my family’s from Albay). Some could have passed for walls. It’s still hard to believe that entire towns used to exist where there are now just empty fields. :(

    • says

      Makes you feel that the violence of nature is a thousand times more scary than a village of angry men, eh? I bet if there weren’t too many tourists, the place would feel eerie.

      • lemon says

        Ms. Connie,my husband and I went there shortly after that catastrophe to bring donations, and the scene really gave me goosebumps.

          • d0d0ng says

            On the lighter side, small pieces of volcanic rock are excellent reusable material for grilling to enhance flavor. For environmentalist, the area with huge concentration of volcanic rock should be made a reservation area. The picture of structures before and after devastation could be part of the collections for the museum as reminder of the forces of nature.

            I would love to have one volcanic rock in my yard and put a chain attach to a tree, just think of your mango tree, Sass. That would be conversation piece for any guest. Just imagining.

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            You know, they make garden stone statues from lahar? Mayon mahar is dark gray, Pinatubo lahar is light gray. Some of the products I’ve seen are really beautiful!