Vivere Suites

We were at the Vivere Suites in Alabang, Muntinlupa upon the invitation of friends. It was just lovely. the skyline bar and restaurant of the vivere suites

We had dinner at the Skyline Bar and Resturant on the roof deck. It was beautiful. Overlooking the Alabang commercial area and, beyond it, Laguna de Bay, the muted lights and the pool provided the perfect ambience. I had the time of my life taking photos. Naturally.

My most common complaint with hotels is the food. The ambience may be fantastic but the food, despite the food styling, is often tasteless. It’s like paying for the “status” of the place instead of the quality of the food. I couldn’t complain with Vivere’s menu. pasta with Italian sausage

Above is my pasta with Italian sausage. Below, my daughter’s chicken teriyaki. chicken teriyaki

My husband ordered a garden salad with blue cheese dressing that he shared with me and I couldn’t find fault with it.

Perhaps, what I really found so attractive was the combination of modern architecture with tropical and oriental interior and landscaping. lanterns on the restaurant's ceiling

The Skyline Bar and Restaurant had a very outdoor tropical setting—lanterns, huge native umbrellas and bonsai plants. No garish lights. It was all muted with wonderful reflections coming from the pool. umbrella with a lantern vivere suites

The interior of the Vivere Suites. Above, that’s the view from the 14th floor if you’re looking down. Below, standing on the same spot in front of the elevator, that’s the view if you’re looking up. vivere suites

There’s a spa but you can opt to have a massage in your room (costs less). The rooms have a kitchenette equipped with a fridge, a coffee maker, a microwave oven… living room area

That’s my 12-year-old daughter about to have a tantrum after dinner because she wanted to go online. I told her she could do that when we went home. Broadband internet at Vivere Suites cost US$ 3.00 per hour. No way I was going to pay that much.

Anyway, if you want a change of scenery and you’re tired of the same old hotels in Metro Manila, Vivere Suites is worth checking out.