Under the sea in Puerto Galera

Somewhere between the excitement over buying a new house and the horror of surgery are the forgotten photos from Speedy’s Puerto Galera trip last month. I remember saying I’d post them after the sunset photos but my mind had been elsewhere most of the time (like 10 minutes away from our house) and I just plain forgot.

casaveneracion.com Puerto Galera

These photos somehow make me envious that as small as Speedy’s camera is, it can can do one important thing that mine can’t. Perhaps, someday, when I can afford the underwater housing for my dSLR, I can experiment with underwater photography too. For now, I’ll have to content myself with sighing over these photos and wishing I had taken them.

casaveneracion.com Puerto Galera

casaveneracion.com Puerto Galera


    • says

      Galeeng!! I love underwater pics. Have you seen the book of Gutsy Tuason? Bahura?

      Umm…the last pic…is that a body part? Kasi may balahibo pa eh..di naman siguro live coral yan noh :p

  1. JuanDelaCruz says

    Puerto galera gives off the feel of an
    an isolated island, even if not 30 miles from manila, and off raw beauty.

    but, is a gay paradise, it turns out,
    behind every rock and in every crevice, no puns plz.

    like being stuck in a gay cruise.
    with no ferry services out during holy week.

    • says

      Chris, walang “dive” yan. The pics were taken quite near the shore.

      Cookie, no, unfortunately. I only heard his name in connection with Nancy Castiglione hehehe But after a little Googling, I found some of his underwater pics in Dive Photo Guide.

  2. says

    Wow! Ang linaw ng tubig! I’m so happy to see clear water,we have to fly down to Florida to see clear blue sea waters.

    Great photos!

  3. says

    kaya gusto ko din ng submersible camera e. kaso dslr nga wala pa ko yung marine pack pa kaya ;-)

    may mga nakikita ko sa mga resort stores na disposible submersible cameras kaso lang film lang hindi digital. ambisyoso, hahaha ;-)

  4. says

    spent half of my lifetime in Florida, but nothing can compare to our clean, clear, blue water that surround our beautiful Philippine Islands.

    Great pixs Speedy.