Trying not to be foolish on April Fools’ Day

Connie Veneracion

Hello, my name is Connie Veneracion. I cook, I shoot, I write. But I don't do the laundry. I don't like housekeeping very much either... (more about me)

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  1. lemon says:

    My sister introduced me and my family to Ilog Maria.From that day on, we’ve gone there for soaps and that throat spray, and just simply, to marvel and dream too, of owning even a tiny garden. I even love Ilog Maria’s open-air toilet, but that’s the probinsiyana in me speaking. I guess, in all respects, I will never stop being one.

    • Oh, I bought bars of soap too! And the Citronella mosquito repellent, naturally!

      And I do have a soft spot for Ilog Maria because their beeswax won Alex a science fair award and I had to email Joel Magsaysay personally for it. hehehe He was sooooo nice.

      • Carol B. says:

        Bigla ko tuloy naalala yung childhood days ko sa Makati – before the squatters invaded the nearby railroad and houses turned into rentals and all dirt turned into cement. I pity todays city kids dahil hindi na nila mai-experience ang manghuli ng tutubi at ladybugs. Sa picture na lang nila malalaman kung ano itsura ng puno ng aratiles. I can still remember yung excitement kapag huhukayin na yung tanim na kamote ng kapitbahay sa tabing-kalsada noong bago pa ito naging sementado. Hayyy, those were the days.

    • Jhay says:

      For me it’s the opposite. I grew up in rural Silang so while I have no trouble going around the Metro and staying for a few days, I’d always go back home. I don’t mind the long travel to get to the nearest mall or urban center, give me a farm and I’d take it any time of the day.

  2. geri says:

    I love your dream Connie – the herb garden, composting and solar panels… Very ideal living.

    I can relate about missing the comforts of childhood. I usually miss my hometown in the Philippines but everytime I go there is a rude awakening that it wasn’t the place I remember it – the things that appealed to me are no longer there. More crowded, the food from my favorite eatery tastes different, many faces I don’t recognize anymore. Yet, still after some time coming back I miss it again =)

  3. lemon says:

    Their citronella insect repellant is soooo good, and so is their insect bite ointment.The cider vinegar worked wonders for a cousin who had gout, by the way.And though the husband grumbles each time we go there bec. of the very narrow road, I simply admire that gumption-why put up branches when they have products which are worth the trip to Silang.

    • lemon says:

      Oh, and sorry for gushing, but their feminine wash soap is well, we all say it has this effect-good enough to kiss:)

      • plaridel says:

        i went back to the philippines recently and tom wolfe was right, “you can’t go home again.” after i’ve been gone for years, time didn’t stand still. people and things, as i remember them, had move on, leaving me with nothing but memories.

    • When a product is mass-produced, especially when franchised retail outlets enter the picture, quality goes down. So I think the ability to maintain the superior quality of Ilog Maria products has a lot to do with the owner’s refusal to open branches and allow franchising.

      • crissy says:

        Hi Ms. Connie. I was born, raised, and lived all my life here in Cavite. Though we moved to another house within the area, i still miss the way I grew up from where I used to live–our compound have lots of fruit-bearing trees, a playground large enough for 18 kids in the compound, animals, the rice fields; now most of them are converted into subdivisions. The fact that our house was washed away by a big flood there 10 years ago, it was as if my childhood memories of that place were lost, but everytime we visit there, i remember them.

        • Population and congestion are indeed serious issues. Everyone needs a house but the way houses are being built these days, it’s claustrophobic. And cost really isn’t the problem but the artificially-inflated prices of real estate.

  4. Carol B., I don’t think dragonflies can survive the pollution of Metro Manila today. Baka mag-mutate.

    Geri, every time I visit the neighborhood of my childhood, I feel like running away — fast. So, so crowded… you know, I get the feeling that I can’t breathe at all.

    Jhay, sometimes, no — most times — I don’t know how the overcrowded metro is the equivalent of economic progress. It just seems so ironic.

  5. Nikita says:

    Yes, I miss being able to catch dragonflies in the garden… come to think of it, I don’t remember when I last saw one. :-(

    Libreng mangarap… I would love to have your dream come true.

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