The night the lights went out

The night the lights went out

On Thursday evening, the rains poured and power went out in several portions of the suburb where we live. What was there to do? I had all that I needed for a good photo op — a cooperative daughter (Sam), a candle and a camera. Good time to experiment with camera lenses, shutter speeds and aperture settings?

Above, the photo that Sam calls “I hold the light in my hands.”


Above, Alex’s kitten Maki didn’t look too thrilled with the flickering light but he stopped fidgeting long enough for me to take a couple of photos.

The brownout lasted for about six hours. Of course, blasted Meralco never explained anything except to say that there was an “emergency line trouble”, the catchall phrase for any unplanned power interruption.


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    I enjoyed looking at the photos. I especially like the 3rd one, the fingers were so ladylike. =) I’ll try to experiment, too once brown-out comes to UAE (which is remote, they have so much resources for energy). I am new to your blog and I find myself already frequenting it. I like your posts, ‘hahanap-hanapin’ kumbaga.

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    Why, thank you, witsandnuts! And if you don’t get brownouts there, you can always turn off the lights. :) Another experiment I’ve wanted to try for a long time is to take photos in a darkened room with only streetlights streaming from the windows to capture images cast in light and shadows. :)

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