The lonely hammock hammock

The photo was taken a couple of months ago at Balay Indang. I took the photo because I have a thing about hammocks. Or, at least, I used to. Years ago, long before I met Speedy and I was living in the city with my parents and brother, I bought a hammock thinking it would be swell to read a book under a tree. I don’t know what I associated the idea with, I did not grow up in the province where things like these are nothing extraordinary. It just seemed so rustic and tranquil and, for a girl who grew up in the city, almost surreal. To my dismay, the droppings of the insects living on the tree kept falling on me. And they’d buzz around me and I had to shoo them all the time. To my even greater dismay, at the height of summer when there was hardly any breeze and the humidity made my skin feel sticky, I had to take an electric fan from the house and use a very long extension cord to plug it in because, otherwise, there would be nothing relaxing about lolling on a hammock under a tree. So much for my illusions.


  1. lemon says

    I grew up in the province and we lived for a while in our lola’s house. Instead of a duyan, our parents built a nipa hut for us where we spent many afternoons playing bahay-bahayan.

    Nowadays, whenever the husband and I contemplate selling our house, the backyard, with its atis, mango and avocado trees, it is just simply hard to let go. I have this thing kasi for backyards with trees.

  2. says

    I love duyan!
    It only really works in breezy locations. Wala kami nyan growing up. Pero karamihan nang mga binibisita namin sa mga barrio, laging merong duyan na tulugan.

  3. d0d0ng says

    Me too. I grew up with duyan made of rattan. It was at my Lola’s place between the mango trees. There is a lot of memories in it.

    So at my first house, we put a duyan made of cloth under a willow tree at our backyard. I even slept many times during hot summer when the kids were not using it. We put several “banig” around the tree so the children can lie down and play.

  4. Bingbong says

    banig — the forgotten piece of our youthful past. Ask the kids now about banig and they would give you a quizzical stare.

    We grew up sleeping on banigs because we can’t afford the comfy mattress pero I’m happy about it. Why? Kasi I don’t have backache problems and I don’t have the slumpy posture.

  5. says

    yeah sabi nga… but whenever I try that now, my back hurts and I really can’t sleep properly. I wake feeling battered!