The Cagsaua Church ruins

ruins of Cagsaua Church, Albay

In February 1, 1814, Mayon Volcano’s most destructive eruption in recorded history, 1,200 people died and the town of Cagsaua (Cagsawa) was buried in lava and rocks. Only the bell tower of the Cagsaua Church remained.

A commemorative tablet of the Cagsaua Church

A commemorative tablet that recites a short history of Cagsaua Church, including the incorporation of Cagsaua to the town of Daraga.

Cagsaua Church in Daraga, Albay

Taking stones and rocks from the church ruins is prohibited. Many people still take them anyway as souvenirs.

The bell tower of Cagsaua Church

Mayon Volcano hidden in thick clouds

Mayon Volcano is in the background, hidden by thick white clouds.


  1. chiela murillo says

    i’ve been in bicol for couple of days and i visited cagsau church—amazing coz there’s still a part that you can experience history of it… nice!!!