Taiwan from up in the air


I love aerial shots. But some airlines don't allow passengers to turn on cameras immediately after takeoff and a few minutes before landing. Bummer because at a high altitude, there's nothing to shoot but clouds. … [Read more...]

Constructed in five years


Still my favorite skyscraper even though it no longer holds the record for being the tallest. I love everything about Taipei 101 -- from the symbolism to the green design to the steel pendulum that acts as a tuned mass damper to absorb vibrations caused by tremors, Taiwan being in an earthquake belt. I've seen that pendulum up close and I tried to take photos but I had the … [Read more...]

Expired tickets

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Because I missed the tour on the fourth day of the Taiwan trip, I still have the expired tickets to the porcelain museum. … [Read more...]

The sun sets over Taipei


After an afternoon at Taipei 101, we set out on the three-and-a-half hour drive to the Sun Moon Lake in Central Taiwan. Where we were exactly when the sun set, I have no idea. The photos were taken through the window of the bus. … [Read more...]

Under the scorching sun at Yehliu Geo Park


The main attraction of the Yehliu GeoPark is the rock formations along the coastline. Limestones carved by wind and water have transformed in shapes that resemble mushrooms, candles, ginger and even a woman's head. Unfortunately for us, we arrived at Yehliu at mid-morning and we had to go through the obligatory video presentation. It wasn't until late in the morning that … [Read more...]

The China Airlines headquarters


Almost as soon as the plane landed, we were taken to the China Airlines Headquarters for a tour. These are some of the photos I took during the two-hour tour of the China Airlines Headquarters where "hands-on training" gains a new meaning. They have actual models of parts of a plane from doors to passenger area to kitchen. There is even a make-up room where stewardesses … [Read more...]

In Taiwan: a dead man’s concubines


We were on our way to Yehliu in northeast Taiwan when we stopped at an intersection to give way to a funeral procession. We crowded in front of the bus and started taking photos through the windshield. Of course, the costumed figures stood out. I asked the tour guide what they represented and she said each figure represented one concubine.There are five figures … [Read more...]