Skimboarding champion


Until a couple of weeks ago, I hadn't heard of skimboarding. When Sam asked permission to go to Cavite to take photos at a skimboard competition, I asked, "A what?" Skimboard, she said. And I had to Google it to understand what it was that she wanted to take photos of.Skimboarding (or skimming) is a boardsport in which a skimboard (a smaller counterpart to a surfboard … [Read more...]

Opening night


The Facebook page says 6 photographers, 2 themes, 1 exhibit. It opened last night at Big Bad Wolf, The Fort.The three sets of small square photos are part of the A Day In The Life Instagram theme byJelito de Leon, Pam Santos and Sam Veneracion (we still have to set-up Sam's proper website). The first set of small photos are Sam's.The sets of larger photos form The … [Read more...]

A Day In The Life. An Instagram Photo Exhibit.


You are invited to witness something new.A Day In The Life. An Instagram Photo Exhibit.Photo exhibits are a dime a dozen. But an Instagram photo exhibit? Only two have been mounted -- one in the US and the second in Canada -- as far as I know. The third will be held in the Philippines and the exhibitors are B.A. Photography students of the De La Salle-College of … [Read more...]

Sam tries fishing


We drove to Pangil (not Pakil), Laguna to photograph Good Friday penitents. Sam is preparing for an exhibit and, well, she's photographing everything interesting whether from a visual or a cultural perspective, or both. Speedy suggested shooting Lenten rituals and off to Pangil we went. Why Pangil and not Pampanga which has become THE place to ogle Lenten rituals complete … [Read more...]

A story about Angels & Demons


Although I was born a Catholic, I don't consider myself one anymore. Ergo, I don't go to church. Last weekend, however, I did. I accompanied Sam who had to take photos for a class project. I carried the tripod for her -- my tripod because she left hers in the condo -- I set it up for her, I should have asked her to pay me just like any photographer pays an assistant but, … [Read more...]

University Avenue at sunset


Chasing the sunset on a Sunday Afternoon at U.P. Diliman, my alma mater.To be more precise, Sam was supposed to shoot the sunset. I was going to shoot street food. After all, U.P. Diliman is pretty well known for it's barbecur, fish balls and cold gulaman. As things turned out, we spent more time walking to find the perfect spot for taking sunset photos that we didn't … [Read more...]

A child at play is a child at work

When the girls arrive for the weekend, everything begins with unloading bags of dirty clothes from the pick-up which get dumped in the living room until they can go into the washing machine the next day. Along with the bags of clothes are camera bags, laptop bags, folders, papers and every imaginable thing that college girls normally carry around. Sometimes, Sam and Alex … [Read more...]