Sun, rain and the mating season

I was editing photos for a dessert recipe I'll post later when I looked out the window and saw raindrops glistening in the sunlight. My first thought was a house fly wedding. … [Read more...]


He who hides

When Sam playfully put her guinea pig inside the sleeve of her sweater, for a few seconds, the little thing had the front of his body inside the sleeve but with his hind legs … [Read more...]



The pristine landscape of fog-topped greenery is ruined by business ads on tarpaulins. The photo was taken somewhere between Baguio and La Union, en route to Ilocos. … [Read more...]


University Avenue at sunset

Chasing the sunset on a Sunday Afternoon at U.P. Diliman, my alma mater. To be more precise, Sam was supposed to shoot the sunset. I was going to shoot street food. After … [Read more...]


Shimmering South China Sea

Taken en route to Vigan, the sun was still high when I took the photo. I can't remember anymore if I intentionally chose settings to create the stark contrast between the … [Read more...]