Sun, rain and the mating season


I was editing photos for a dessert recipe I’ll post later when I looked out the window and saw raindrops glistening in the sunlight. My first thought was a house fly wedding. Our yaya (that’s nanny for non-Filipino speakers) once said that when it rains while the sun shines, “ikinakasal ang langaw” which literally translates to house flies are being married. My brother and I thought it was a funny thing to say but we didn’t exactly object to the statement. It’s nice to be fanciful sometimes.

Of course, there came a time when we realized that our yaya was merely repeating a superstition. I mean, a wedding ceremony for house flies? Can you picture a female house fly with a veil and a bouquet, and a house fly in robes officiating? Perhaps, the “ikinakasal” part was a child-friendly translation for mating. Can you imagine house flies in an orgy? »

Unlighted lights at Ayala Triangle


It's assignment time once again. Sam's latest assignment was to shoot the Ayala Triangle Christmas lights which, according to press releases, was scheduled to open on Sunday, November 16. It's become a tradition these past couple of years. At the park behind the Makati Stock Exchange which has officially been christened the … »

Moon over the MET and the ghosts we didn’t see


Sam had a assignment to shoot an abandoned building, with both digital and film cameras. When she first told me about the assignment, my first suggestion was the Manila Film Center. But she has heard all the creepy stories about the workers who died there during the construction and the tales about how their spirits haunt … »

Sushi at midnight and the remains of a Korean ice cream bar


Sometimes, the starter course comes after the dessert. Sam wanted sushi, except for the nori, we didn't have the traditional ingredients for making Japanese rice rolls so she rummaged through the fridge to see what she could use -- bulgogi ham, cream cheese and lettuce. … »

He who hides


When Sam playfully put her guinea pig inside the sleeve of her sweater, for a few seconds, the little thing had the front of his body inside the sleeve but with his hind legs dangling as he tried to wiggle all the way inside. I reached for my camera but he was quicker than I was. By the time I had adjusted the ISO setting … »



The pristine landscape of fog-topped greenery is ruined by business ads on tarpaulins.The photo was taken somewhere between Baguio and La Union, en route to Ilocos. … »

University Avenue at sunset


Chasing the sunset on a Sunday Afternoon at U.P. Diliman, my alma mater.To be more precise, Sam was supposed to shoot the sunset. I was going to shoot street food. After all, U.P. Diliman is pretty well known for it's barbecur, fish balls and cold gulaman. As things turned out, we spent more time walking to find the … »

Shimmering South China Sea


Taken en route to Vigan, the sun was still high when I took the photo. I can't remember anymore if I intentionally chose settings to create the stark contrast between the bright sun and the dark shore and mountain or whether this photo is one of those shots taken hurriedly and accidentally came out beautiful. … »