Cool rider with wings on his wheels. Literally.


Speedy ran some errands this morning and saw this biker with the most interesting motorcycle. The mud guards, for the rider and not for the wheels, are shaped like an eagle's wings. Why stop at wings? Put in the bird's head too. Cool.The photos were taken along Marcos Highway in Antipolo. … [Read more...]

Taiwan from up in the air


I love aerial shots. But some airlines don't allow passengers to turn on cameras immediately after takeoff and a few minutes before landing. Bummer because at a high altitude, there's nothing to shoot but clouds. … [Read more...]

Constructed in five years


Still my favorite skyscraper even though it no longer holds the record for being the tallest. I love everything about Taipei 101 -- from the symbolism to the green design to the steel pendulum that acts as a tuned mass damper to absorb vibrations caused by tremors, Taiwan being in an earthquake belt. I've seen that pendulum up close and I tried to take photos but I had the … [Read more...]

Is the Canon 350D obsolete?

Production of the Canon EOS 350D has been discontinued years ago and newer and more high tech models have been introduced into the digital camera market. The Canon 350D was my very first digital SLR. I had a long love affair with it until I passed it on to Sam after I got the EOS 40D. Why I bought the EOS 40D is a story by itself. Sam was playing around with the EOS 350D, … [Read more...]

A family obsession, part 2

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If you've seen the previous photo of Speedy, Sam and Alex all engrossed with focusing on some unseen object with their cameras, this was what they were focusing on. To be quite truthful, when they first pointed to the spider, I could hardly see it as I was squinting with the sun in my eyes. If I had seen it, I probably wouldn't have been able to take photos of the three of … [Read more...]

A visit to the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial


A week before undas*, we visited the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial at Fort Bonifacio. Not to visit any particular grave -- we don't know anyone who's buried there -- but to take photos. We were supposed to go there a week earlier but it was a little after 5.00 p.m. when we got there and the place was already closed for the day to the public. So, we went back. Early … [Read more...]

Alien in Sam’s room

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Designers of alien creatures in movies seem to get their inspiration from insects. Look at the shape of the head. And the eyes. Lose the feelers, put head and eyes on a human-like body and you have an alien.Sam took these photos. The grasshopper landed on one of the desks in her bedroom and stayed long enough -- posed long enough -- to allow her to snap a few. The … [Read more...]

Tanay is beautiful, but…


Erap knew what he was doing when he chose Tanay for the location of his rest house. Tanay is beautiful.Lush vegetation. Tranquil. Idyllic. We were there yesterday to test some new camera lenses (bought, not loaned from manufacturers/dealers) and we made the most of it.I live in the suburb and I'd like to think we're living a laid back life here but an … [Read more...]