Huge in many ways


Photo Friday’s theme is Huge! It might sound like a no-brainer but there are many ways to interpret the word. Hugeness, after all, is both relative and subjective.

A ten-story building would look huge to someone seeing a multi-story building for the first time but for those who grew up in the city in this generation, that would be a squat little thing. Frogs are not huge animals but there are small frogs and huge ones. There are eyes that look huge in proportion to the head. Or, the physical size may be unrelated to the hugeness, as in a huge scare over a bat getting inside the house. Or, perhaps, a photo of an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend with a caption “HUGE MISTAKE.” The examples are endless but you get the drift — huge can mean a lot of things. »



Old grandeur.Modern grandeur.Natural grandeur.False grandeur. … »

Crimson twilight


No two sunsets are ever the same. Some are fiery, some are drab and some are just so dramatic. I think it's the presence and formation of clouds that gives each sunset it's distinct character. … »

Do not enter

Do not enter

Even without a worded sign, the barbed wire makes the message clear -- Stay out! … »

A girl and her dog

A girl and her dog

Having pets can be beneficial to mental and emotional health. … »