Coast, coastline and beach


Every week, I get an e-mail alert from Photo Friday, a weekly photo event with varying themes. I don't always join but when I find the theme interesting, I do. The current theme is "coastline" and I have tons of photos of coastlines in my hard drive taken in various places mostly from the plane window. I chose the one I liked best and I was about to submit it when I … [Read more...]

Boracay in January


I couldn't have been more empathic -- except for the frolicking on Puca Beach, I didn't like Boracay very much. In fact, my first reaction upon seeing the beach was, "Where's the beach?" Because all I saw were bars, restaurants and shops. That was summer of last year. Last week, Speedy was back in Boracay on an office sponsored trip and he brought home about 200 photos. I … [Read more...]