Your part is silent, little toad!


The title is a line from "The Phantom of the Opera" and, yes, that is a toad, not a frog, judging from the thick warty skin and short hind legs. There are so many of them in our suburban neighborhood. And, when it rains, they croak in a chorus so loud and creepy that horrific images of things dark and damp form inside my head. It's raining now and I expect to start hearing … [Read more...]

Experiments in black and white


After the interesting comments in the Not in black and white entry, and because there was nothing much to do today except wait for the beef pata and tripe to simmer until tender so I could cook kare-kare for dinner, I decided to do some experiments in black and white photography. What better way to pass the time, right? Everyone else was busy. Sam was doing an Arts project … [Read more...]