Swimming on a hot summer day

casaveneracion.com Swimming on a hot summer day

Some say that when you find yourself in a lousy situation, you shouldn’t dwell on it but, rather, think about pleasant things. I even read somewhere that to get through a hot day that just makes you feel like wilting, you should think about snow-capped mountains and cold drinks.

I’m trying. I’m staring at this photo taken at the Golden Sunset Resort in Calatagan, Batangas last January and imagining myself swimming in the cool water on this very hot summer day. I’m not sure it’s working though because I still feel like melting ice and my fingers are still itching to turn on the airconditioner. And I shouldn’t really because this company without a conscience called Meralco just hiked up power rates. Yes, smack in the middle of summer. And in the middle of the rotating brownouts that have have been plaguing Metro Manila for weeks.

We’re still luckier than city folks because the brownouts haven’t hit us. So far. But if I indulge too often in the luxury — yes, damn it, with the power rates in this Third World country, airconditioning is a luxury — of turning on the aircon at all hours of the day, we might as well hand over to Meralco our monthly food budget.

I know that most people who live in cold countries, especially those with harsh winters, think it’s pretty cool to live in the tropics and be able to bask under the sun 365 days a year. But, I tell you, there’s nothing cool nor healthy about this extreme summer heat.


  1. says

    Here in Mindanao, we are now experiencing daily 3 hour brownout. In some places its 6 hours EVERY single fcking day. For a work at home mom, these brownouts is literally killing our business! And I just got my bill yesterday, its 50% higher than the previous months. What the hell! –End of rant… sorry Conn, you opened the gate for me to rant. :(

  2. zara says

    hello ladies! i’m from mindanao too. buti pa nga sa inyo alma 3hours lng ang brownout. dito sa amin sa cagayan de oro ay 5 hours daily. :( it would even extend to 7 hours. hay…we also have the situation, tumaas din ang electric bill namin than the previous months. grrrr!!!

  3. deeperdigger says

    We also have an unusually high electric bill last month. So now, we’re really very conscious with the use of appliances in the house. According to a report from ABSCBN, from 6 pesos, the generation charge has increased to 11 pesos. That is amidst the rotating brownouts.
    what i don’t get about Meralco is the fact that they are buying very expensive airtime on TV just to advertise. What the heck?! They are in no competition with anyone so what’s the need for advertising? Besides, people in metro manila and nearby towns will probably need electricity and apply for an electric meter (or just set-up illegal connections).
    How I wish electricity is just like cellphone service, meaning there are options for us. Just look at how competition between Globe, Smart and Sun benefited Pinoys, they are really slashing down their rates just to retain their subscribers.

  4. Tom Solis says

    Mukhang gumaganda ang mga photos mo Connie. Was this one of those “capturing the moment” shot? The picture reminds me of the time I went to this oyster farm at Bodega Bay. It was low tide around 5 to 6 p.m. So there I was in the midst of all the lights and shadows knowing full well that all I could do is store all those images in my memory because I didn’t have my camera with me then. I do not know if I do it purposely-not having my camera with me at all times. It probably has something to do with photographs and memories.

    Is ABS-CBN, TFC, Meralco owned by the Lopez’s?