The sun rises in Aklan

I’m not a morning person. You can’t make me get out of bed before 9.00 a.m. unless it’s a schoolday and I have to cook the kids’ packed lunches. Or, if we’re going somewhere special. Or, if Speedy makes it a condition for buying me something nice like new camera lenses. :razz:

No, really. Seriously. I’m wide awake at night but my brain takes so much time to function and focus in the morning. But on our second day at the Sampaguita Gardens Resort in Aklan a few weeks ago, I didn’t need too much prodding. I got out of bed before the sun was up and in time to take photos as it rose on the horizon. What can I say? I have so many sunset photos but none of the sun rising by the sea. I stood on the breakwater and took photos.

And of Speedy too. Feeling like Leonardo di Caprio in Titanic

That’s Speedy on the viewing deck feeling the sea wind a la Leonardo Di Caprio in Titanic. I would have played Kate Winslet but there’d be no one to take photos. Sunrise at the breakwater, Sampaguita Gardens Resort, New Washington, Aklan Photo of sunrise by the sea beautiful photo of the run rising by the sea Sampaguita Gardens Resort, Aklan Sunrise at the breakwater, Sampaguita Gardens Resort, New Washington, Aklan


  1. says

    This is so off-topic but I dreamed about you last night..It’s all so hazy now but one thing was clear, we were about to go somewhere to eat and I was worried that the quality of the food wouldn’t be up to your standards. Seriously! hahah.

    One day, I will be up early enough to watch a sunrise.

  2. dhayL says

    The beauty of nature is incomparable! Ms.Connie mukang feel na feel nya maging “Jack” ha! hehehe

  3. says

    That’s a good pic of Speedy savoring a gift of nature but those dark clouds in the succeding photos slightly made me uncomfortable.

  4. lemon says


    Looks like Speedy was having a grand time.

    Reminds me of the sunrise during those summers spend in a dear aunt’s house by the sea. I wish digicams were available then, the pictures would’ve captures all the shades of red, orange, yellow, as the sun rose.

  5. says

    Pinayhekmi, seriously… when you come for a vacation we should eat at MY house then hehehehe

    The Ca t, feeling model sya hahahaha

    lemon, re digi cam, I feel that way all the time when I remember all the places I’ve been too and no pics to show for. Sayang talaga.

    bertN, Speedy’s photo was taken AFTER the sun rose. Hence, the lighter skies. Saka, the sunrise photos, well, I had to adjust the aperture opening for maximum drama. Capture the sun without distracting images in the background except for what surrounds it. :)

  6. says

    hahaha, ang mag-asawang to ang aagawin pa ang eksena kay kate winslet at leonardo d caprio. ;-)

    so what’s more breath-taking, sunset or sunrise? ako din walang pictures ng sunrise, puro sunset. ang hirap kayang humabol sa sunrise ;-)

    at anong nangyari sa theme? alam mo naman napunta lang ako dito para mangopya ng mga plugins at layout mo. hehehe, joke ;-)

  7. ed villanueva says

    Its really fascinating for us people who always wake up late to see how beautiful the sunrise is.

  8. says

    kotsengkuba, the sunset is still more dramatic. :) The theme, there was a server overload and we were trying to find the problem through a process of elimination. There are themes being distributed that carry malicious codes so,… anyway, it’s back but we’re still monitoring.

    Ed, my point exactly hehehe turns out I still love the sunset better. :)

  9. says

    Baka magtampo niyan si Brad Pitt ha :D Love the way the sunrise photos were taken. Kala mo sunset na baligtad ang sequence :)

  10. says

    Julie, naku hindi ipagpapalit si Brad Pitt kay Leonardo hehehe

    Thanks, Em. Something wrong with the previous one. It was eating up the server’s resources and I couldn’t find the exact location of the problem.

  11. gogogobogo says

    sunrises are one of the amazing. it makes me happy. you should have checked out jawili. its halfway to boracay from kalibo. it’s such a beautiful place. that is where the mountains meat the sea. there’s a stretch of beach there that you can openly behold the sunrise. its just amazing. you can go hiking there too! there are hotels. it’s not like boracay but it gives you a different yet wonderful experience. there is a 7 basin waterfall there too.that is also beautiful. i went there 3 weeks ago. and it felt like you’re in a different world. define getaway.