“The stamen gets its lusty dust onto the stigma”


The line is from the song “Reproduction” from the film Grease 2. It was the first thing that came to mind while cropping and applying digital filters to this photo.

The second thing that flashed through my head is the joke going around about how vegetarians inflict violence on plants. I don’t want to sound like I’m laughing at vegetarians, I have a vegetarian daughter and I respect her view about not wanting to hurt animals, but still, I wonder… Just because plants don’t exhibit sensory reaction to whatever kind of stimulus is applied on them, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they are incapable of sensation.

Which brings me to the issue of reproduction. Some flowers, like the one in the photo, contain both male and female reproductive organs (the stamens and pistil, respectively) and they produce asexually. And I wonder if, during pollination, they experience the equivalent of an orgasm. Just a thought, really. Just a thought.