Sometimes, the most interesting photos are the ones you took unintentionally Manila Bay sunset

Yesterday, Speedy and I went out on a whim. No real plans. Just eat and take photos. We were at the Manila Bay breakwater before sunset and we tried to find a good spot so that we’d have our cameras ready by the time the sun starts to sink below the horizon. In the tropics, sunset is a fast affair. In five minutes, it’s all over and you have to take photos during that five-minute window when the colors are really gorgeous. It was rather crowded but we did manage to find a spot.

I managed to take a few good photos that capture the fiery colors of the sun and the sky. There was a barge and I used that as a point of interest. Manila Bay sunset

And then the sunset watchers came and started to block my view. I don’t know what it is with some people. I was there first, they could plainly see I was taking photos and they still stood right in front of me as though I were invisible. Just like the jeepney drivers that cut right in front of you in the street. At the breakwater, people acted as though their right to see the famous Manila Bay sunset was exclusive.

But, anyway, I was in a jolly good mood yesterday and I decided not to pick a fight with the twerps there. I walked away and took photos of other things instead. Manila Bay sunset

Like the pretty rows of palm trees against the yellow hues of sunset. Manila Bay sunset

And the food vendors who were volunteering to pose for me. Manila Bay sunset

I reached the hotdog stand and took photos.

Then. WHOA. Tell me you see it. Manila Bay sunset

There. Above the waffles and corn dogs. Manila Bay sunset

Here’s the cropped version. The famous Manila Bay sunset rising above waffles and corn dogs.

Yah, yah, yah. Ang babaw ng kaligayahan ko. But would you have thought of taking a sunset photo from that angle? I sure as hell didn’t. It was unintentional. An accident, in fact, because I was taking photos of the hotdog stand. And look what I managed to capture instead. Maybe, I should be thanking the annoying twits that blocked my view earlier.


  1. beth says

    Wow!BFGF phase na talaga uli kayo ni Sir Speedy!Nagbabalik na kahapon…..kakakilig naman! :) Nice pix!