Someone wants a Speedlite Flash for her birthday

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Sam is on YM and asking for the birthday gift that I’m still saving up for — a flash for her dSLR. Of course, I’m going to get her one — she’s taking up A.B. Photography after all so I can’t say that a flash is a luxury. She’ll need one pretty soon for school work.

Personally, I’m not a flash user. I even bought a diffuser but I hardly use it. I like the play of lights and shadows in photography so I don’t want the flash drowning out the shadows that add so much drama to photos. For example… no-flash-photography-1

The photo above was taken along a narrow street in Manila last Saturday. As a trivia, like many houses in the vicinity of the De La Salle University, the old house in the photo has been converted to a dormitory (no, Sam doesn’t stay there but in a high-rise a few meters away). So, I was on the sidewalk while Sam was retrieving her stuff from the dorm and I went trigger happy. In the photo above, the only sources of light were a lamp post on the left and the lights inside the old house which were really more than enough to take a good shot. See, when the subject is motionless, it’s easy enough to take photos at night even with the flash off. no-flash-photography-1

From Manila, we drove through Makati. At a red light along Ayala Avenue, I had the Shangri-La Hotel perfectly framed. I opened the car window and took a couple of shots. Inside a car with the motor running, the vibration caused perceptible camera shake but the result was still pretty sharp considering the low light. This shot inspired me so much that I suggested stopping at Global City for more night time photography while hunting for a place where we could get coffee and dessert. no-flash-photography-1

While Speedy and the girls browsed the Mac store (I refused to enter the store because that would have been tempting myself needlessly — my credit card needs a rest), I took the photos above and below. It’s the same trellis-covered walk but taken from different angles and distances. no-flash-photography-1

We were on our way to Fully Booked when we first caught sight of the electric tricycles. I had to wait until the street was free from vehicles and pedestrians to take several shots of the electric tricycles with the well-lighted Dimensione furniture building as a backdrop. no-flash-photography-1

All photos were taken with the Canon Powershot G10. I don’t like bringing the EOS 40D when we eat out because it is too conspicuous and some restaurants don’t allow too-obvious picture taking. And I don’t like bringing the dSLR with the huge camera bag it goes into even more when we go out to see a movie because the security guards might think I’m sneaking a camera inside the movie house to play pirate.

For a last trivia, Canon has just unveiled the Canon Powershot G11 and I almost fell off my chair in shock when I saw that it is the same price as the G10. You know, the feeling that for the same amount of money I could have gotten the latest model had I made the purchase eight months later? But the shock wore off because the G11 is NOT really better than the G10. The G11 is a 10-megapixel camera while the G10 is a 14-megapixel camera. What the G11 boasts of is the vari-angle LCD which I don’t really need because I only use the LCD to play back the photos — I always shoot through the eye piece. So there.

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8 Responses

  1. Jhay says:

    I remember when I bought my first flash unit, a Nikon SB-600. It took me half-a-day to decide whether I’d really buy one or not, because it meant blowing a huge wad of cash on something I knew I won’t be using that often. So I just settled with the idea that it’s still a good investment that would prove fruitful in the near future.

    • With me, the major turn off is the size. And the added bulk and weight in my camera bag. The lenses are heavy enough. :razz:

      • emyM says:

        Awesome photos considering a flash was not used.That’s great camera.Approximately what time were these pictures taken?

        On the 4th photo, there’s something “blue” in the background
        what was that?

        I think I’m getting interested in photography again.In our workplace,there’s an annual photography contest and the
        entries are just fantastic.

        • Around 9 in the evening, EmyM. The blue in the 4th photo — those are the helipads of the twin buildings of the Pacific Plaza, the most expensive residential condominium in Global City. :razz:

          And I do hope you take up interest again. Creative activity is the best stress buster and mind stimulant. :)

        • emyM says:

          Ang galing…may helipad pa…nux!
          At saka ang sarap 900pm,naglalakwatsa pa kayong mag-anak.
          Inggit ako!
          Belated happy b’day to Sam…

  2. Gabby says:

    Ahh, my heart almost dropped too. I was afraid you’ll say the G11 is so much better! Anyway, still loving the cam… and your pics are making me miss Manila!

  3. LOL Sometimes, it isn’t healthy browsing the Canon website hehehe But the G10 rocks, really. Truly.

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