Sierra Madre resort and convention center hanging foot bridge leading from the mini golf course to the viewing deck

The Sierra Madre resort and convention center is right along the National Highway in Tanay. We spent a few hours there last year as part of a day-long road trip to celebrate my younger daughter’s birthday. We brought our own picnic lunch and rented some tables and chairs on the veranda overlooking the mini golf course. The cool air, the spectacular view of the Sierra Madre mountain range… wow, if all you’ve seen of the Philippines is Metro Manila, you’d think you weren’t in the Philippines at all.

The hanging foot bridge in the photo, located at the edge of the mini golf course, leads to the viewing deck. the viewing deck

The viewing deck–that’s my friend Mabel, her daughter Jill and Jill’s yaya. a bridge on a golf course

My daughter Alex running on the bridge over an artificial pond on the mini golf course. the kids resting after lunch

My daughter Sam, and friends’s kids, resting on the lawn after lunch.

If you want to visit the Sierra Madre resort and convention center, I’d advise you to bring your own food. We did but we were tempted by the menu and we decided to order lechon kawali. Bad mistake. The lechon kawali was hard as rock.