Sex in the City (of Baguio)

Speedy wanted to know if I would like to upload some of the photos he took during their company’s four-day conference in Baguio last week. I said, “Of course!” He handed me his flash drive and I chose the photos I liked. And I liked this: milflores

And this: puple flower growing outside the Ifugao Lodge, Camp John Hay, Baguio City

When I went past one particular photo, he asked if I didn’t see the penises.

“What penises?” I started to look closely at the people in the photos. He stood up from behind me and pointed to a portion of one photo.

I cropped, zoomed in and, oooohh… What do you know, penises indeed! Small though. :twisted: phallic keychains hardcarved wooden keychains wooden keychains in the shape of phalluses keychains from Baguio

Looks like every stall in Mines View Park was selling the phallus-shaped keychains. Must be a fast-moving item. :mrgreen: