Sam tries fishing sam-fishing

We drove to Pangil (not Pakil), Laguna to photograph Good Friday penitents. Sam is preparing for an exhibit and, well, she’s photographing everything interesting whether from a visual or a cultural perspective, or both. Speedy suggested shooting Lenten rituals and off to Pangil we went. Why Pangil and not Pampanga which has become THE place to ogle Lenten rituals complete with crucifixions of penitents? Pangil seemed to be the smarter choice because the Good Friday rituals there are still more of tradition rather than spectacles meant to draw tourists which is how I view the Cutud, San Fernando, Pampanga Lenten affairs.

We managed to visit not only Pangil but Paete and Siniloan as well. We took photos until around 4.00 p.m. when we realized just how hungry we were having missed lunch in our hurry to reach our destination. We went by way of Rizal going to Laguna, passing Pililia earlier. We saw that Bulawan Floating Restaurant was open, Sam wanted to go fishing so we started the drive back stopping at Pililia for food and fishing.

Bulawan is a restaurant with a fishpond. You have to click the Bulawan link above to understand better.

No one in our family fish for a hobby. Although Speedy had taken the girls fishing on a couple of occasions, we don’t own fishing gear. Most of the people fishing in the Bulawan ponds brought their own gear and bait. We asked the waiter how to go about the fishing, he said the bait, superworms, is PhP10.00, fishing is free unless you want your catch cooked for your meal, in which case, the fish would be weighed and priced accordingly. Since we weren’t willing to wait for a catch, we proceeded to order. Besides, vegetarian and animal lover that she is, Sam refused to have her catch end up in a cooking pan. She just wanted to fish but she would put whatever she caught back into the water. Catch-and-release style. We asked the waiter if they had a fishing rod and line that Sam could use and he came back with a bamboo rod with line and hook. He also brought a bag of bait.

I don’t remember exactly when Sam started to get agitated about the bait. She didn’t want to kill worms for bait. But there was no way she could catch fish without the bait so, after a while, she kept quiet about the superworms. sam-fishing2

So, there’s Sam holding the hook with the bait. Did she pierce the bait with the hook? No, she did not. Not the first time, anyway. The waiter did that for her. sam-fishing3

Sam threw the line into the water and waited. sam-fishing4

And waited. sam-fishing5

And waited.

The food was served, we asked Sam to prop the rod against the railing for a while so she could eat. She did. But, after finishing her food, she was holding the rod again and waiting for some fish to bite the live bait. By this time, she had replaced the bait a couple of times. sam-fishing6

But no fish took the bait. Beside her, others were catching some pretty big tilapia. sam-fishing7

By the time the sun was low on the horizon, Sam said her bait was jet-skiing. I think she knew by that time that it wasn’t her day, and it was time to drop the rod and try fishing another time.

Since she had excess bait, she gave all of it, and the rod, to a group fishing near her. Within two minutes of handing the bait and rod, a girl in the group caught a huge tilapia just as we left our table and were walking to the exit. And Sam… Well, let’s just say she wasn’t too happy about that.


  1. Kitchie says

    that’s exactly what happened to me on my one and only fishing expedition. all of us in our group kept losing our bait, but we never got a bite…or so we thought. a man who started fishing a few meters away from us told us the problem was that we never realized the fish were actually biting and, hence, never drew in our line at the right time. we just kept offering the fish a free buffet.