Rides at the Enchanted Kingdom

More photos from our trip to the Enchanted Kingdom last month.

casaveneracion.com kart racing

The Go-Kart Race Track. You have to pay separately for the kart racing. One-seater and two-seater karts are available.

casaveneracion.com roller skater

The roller skater is a small brother of the roller coaster called Space Shuttle. A kiddie ride, actually. Good also for adults who don’t have the nerve to ride the Space Shuttle.

casaveneracion.com condor

Last month must be our 12th or so visit to the Enchanted Kingdom but in all those visits, the Condor is one thing I never dared ride. How does it go… ummm, a set of four of five cars in a circle go up the pole. As the cars move up, they also move in a clockwise direction while each rotates as well. Guaranteed to make my stomach turn so I never tried it. The Condor was under renovation as of last March 25th.

casaveneracion.com the rialto

The Rialto, part of the Brooklyn Place, is a motion simulator theater. Lots of noise, big screen and chairs that move. The only time I enjoyed this ride was on our first visit to the Enchanted Kingdom back in 1995. It was an alien war movie and the bumps and dives were really great. Last month, it was a Hanna Barbera cartoon. You know, the Road Runner and gang.

casaveneracion.com up, up and away

A kiddie ride that my daughters used to love. Called Up, Up and Away, it’s a balloon ride. The riders sit in a basket and the balloons go round and round. They’re too old for it now. They prefer the more thrillig rides.