Plant a tree in your car plants

Street hawkers, the ones who knock on car windows near intersections when the light turns red, used to sell candies, cigarettes and newspapers. Occasionally, there would be sampaguita vendors too. These days, they sell just about everything. I can understand that bottled water and chips may be attractive to thirsty and hungry drivers and commuters, but plants? Does anyone really buy plants from these hawkers? And that’s not the most shocking. They also sell toys, fishing rods, doormats, pot holders, cell phone chargers, even posters for grade schoolers — you know, the kind that serve as visual aids for teaching ABCs, 123s and even the human anatomy. I am so not kidding. See an older photo so you’ll know I’m not joking about the posters.


  1. says

    Ha ha! Galeng talaga ng Pinoy no?
    Plants I can understand, baka kasi you are on your way to your office or house tapos nagandahan ka and you decide to buy. But fishing rods? ha ha, labo!