Photography: Rice harvest

ifugao headdress

No, these photos weren’t taken in the Mountain Province. They were taken in Antipolo, a mere 15 minutes from our house. The family of a photographer-friend “imported” an Ifugao family and resettled them in a two-hectare lot in Antipolo to test the viability of mountain-style rice farming in the hilly town of Antipolo. A photo shoot was organized last weekend to celebrate the first rice harvest.

pounding the palay

storing the palay
golden grains of palay
rice palay
rice harvest
palay ready for pounding
scarecrow in the rice fields
rice irrigation
native hut's reflection on a lily pond
  • Sidney

    Amazing. Beautiful pictures!

  • Connie

    You always make my day when you say that, Sid. :)

  • islandboy

    Sid is right, Beautiful Photos! :-)

  • Connie

    Thanks, islandboy. :)