Palm trees from long ago

I was re-organizing the photo section (yes, I loved all the photo and travel posts from the main blog to this sub-blog with 301 re-directs) and when I found these photos about five folders deep in my external hard drive. I’m pretty sure they were taken on the same day, sometime in January 2008, just as I am sure that they were taken on the same day as the birds of paradise photo in the The dreamy mood of Mike de Leon’s ‘Kung Mangarap Ka’t Magising’ post.

The photos had already been cropped and I couldn’t find the originals anymore. Considering that I had already put my name on them, I probably posted them in the old, old blog that no longer exists. The big mystery though is why I took them, where I took them and what technique I was trying to learn on that day or whether I was applying photo editing styles. Whatever. I’m just glad I found them.

As a trivia, according to Wikipedia, there are 2600 known species of the palm plant. Which species these palm trees belong to, I have no idea. Perhaps, you do?

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