Opening night sam-veneracion-instagram-photo-exhibit

The Facebook page says 6 photographers, 2 themes, 1 exhibit. It opened last night at Big Bad Wolf, The Fort.

The three sets of small square photos are part of the A Day In The Life Instagram theme byJelito de Leon, Pam Santos and Sam Veneracion (we still have to set-up Sam’s proper website). The first set of small photos are Sam’s.

The sets of larger photos form The Headpiece Project by Bea Puertollano, RG Medestomas and Carlo Casas.

We got home about half an hour ago from the exhibit and it was jam packed. headpiece-project sam-veneracion-instagram-photo-exhibit.jpg3

The surprise of the night? Speedy was part of the exhibit. sam-veneracion-instagram-photo-exhibit.jpg4

My favorite from Sam’s photos? The boy in his bike. This was taken through the window of the pick-up somewhere in Taguig while we were driving home from Tagaytay.

I’m so proud of Sam. I’m so happy for her and her co-exhibitors. I look forward to the next exhibit.