Ocean Adventure: the whale show

Subic in the province of Zambales was the site of the largest U.S. naval and marine base in Asia until Mt. Pinatubo erupted in 1991 after which the Americans left. Of course, the Philippine Senate also elected to do away with the U.S. Military Bases Agreement which granted the U.S. use of, and jurisdiction over, Subic and Clark in Pampanga.

Subic is now managed by the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority. The area has been developed into resorts while maintaining the natural vegetation as a wildlife sanctuary. One of its many attractions today is Ocean Adventure, a popular destination for schools’ educational trips. The whale show was very enjoyable.

casaveneracion.com a whale throws a man into the air

casaveneracion.com a whale throws a man into the air

The photos of the whales dolphins below are part of a sequence that was photographed at a speed of 3 shots per second.

casaveneracion.com dolphins dancing a ballet

casaveneracion.com the dolphins show at Ocean Adventure in Subic

casaveneracion.com dolphins doing a ballet

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