There are no fortune tellers in front of Quiapo church at midnight

When Sam goes on a shoot, I go on a shoot. Last Sunday though, she didn’t make me carry the tripod.

We arrived at the Quiapo church just before midnight. In front of the church is Plaza Miranda, above (scene of the infamous bombing of a Liberal Party rally that led to the declaration of Martial Law in 1972), usually teeming with fortune tellers and sellers of folk remedies (including abortifacients) during the day is quite deserted at night — except for the homeless who sleep there and the cops that patrol the area.

Beyond the deserted plaza, the market was awake. I was initially wary about walking around, the place is notorious for thieves and other shady characters after all, but the people we met were friendly. Some kids followed us around, some liked to pose for photos but others were shy. Take note — no one asked for money. The vendors went about their work but friendly and willing when we photographed them. Not one — not one — tried to push whatever they were selling on us. And that made the experience relaxed. It felt good, actually.

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