Monday morning in U.P. Los Baños I know it’s been too long since we last visited UPLB because we got lost on the way to DTRI. We passed a map of the campus but we didn’t stop to check our location thinking we’d know by instinct where to go and we’d land in DTRI without issue. But we were wrong. We landed in IRRI instead and had to turn back. Campus map

But as soon as we saw the Carillon, we got our bearings. Animal Husbandry

We saw the Animal Husbandry arch and knew that was where we should go.

As an aside, I’ve always wondered about the term “animal husbandry” which Wikipedia says is “also called animal science, stockbreeding or simple husbandry, is the agricultural practice of breeding and raising livestock.” I’m sure that the term was coined by some male; otherwise, it would have been called animal wifery. Philippine Carabao Center

On the right track, the next sign pointed to DTRI. Dairy Training and Research Institute

Finally… a sign that says we were entering the Dairy Training and Research Institute. cow's milk

And there’s the milk in vats. DTRI Dairy Bar

We went to the Dairy Bar, Sam and Alex had a list of things they wanted, from ice cream to cheese, but unfortunately only cow’s milk was available. We bought only what we could consume within the next hour or so since we didn’t bring a cooler. heron and horses

Happy with a liter of milk, we left DTRI and passed by this heron staring at the asses of two horses. Los Baños

There weren’t too many people on the streets because last Monday, February 22, was a school holiday. ancient kapok tree

We went to visit our favorite tree, an ancient kapok, so we could complete the UPLB ritual of drinking milk in its company. Speedy, Sam and Alex

We took photos. Naturally. kalachuchi flowers

Including photos of kalachuchi flowers that had fallen off a tree. It would have been more interesting if it were ripe kapok pods all over the grounds. kapok pods

But the pods were unripe and didn’t appear to be ready to burst and fall off the tree for another couple of months.

From U.P. Los Baños, we drove to Tagaytay. But that’s another story.


  1. marcy says

    hi ms connie!
    like you im a graduate of updiliman but had i known about the uplb campus i wouldve opted to study there… fell in love with the place especially the huge trees inside the campus- finally got my wish after graduation when i taught there for more than 2 years…!
    by the way can i share some of your uplb pics with my frends on facebook?
    thanks in advance and keep your blogs comin!

  2. Joana says

    Oh Ms Connie, did you that in UPLB that we only have a 4-day school week that’s why every Monday we don’t have classes. So it is unfair because everytime there is a holiday during Mondays, we can’t feel that it is a holiday. lol.

  3. karen says

    My Dad has a degree in agriculture major in animal husbandry, as a kid, I’ve always wondered why it’s called such e hindi naman nanganganak ang mga lalaki. :)

    I’m still in awe over that tree! I’m trying to imagine how it is going to be 5 years from now.

  4. Cid says

    I’m still in conflict with myself If I would take the UPCAT on UPLB or in Diliman. They say it’s easier to get accepted in LB. I don’t want to do the shifting thing.

  5. Joana says

    many students would take UPLB as their first choice and would take it as their “stepping stone”. you can do it! kaso magulo sa UPLB ngayon. bad yung chancellor. madaming conflict, protests, etc. they want to have large class na kasi to save money daw. eh nag-increase na nga to 300% yung tuition fee eh. unfair. tapos imagine, hindi tinuloy yung feb fair. :) but what i can say about UPLB is that it is beautiful and masarap fresh milk, milk-o-jel, white cheese. basta anything from DTRI. :)

  6. Lori says

    Wow! what a majestic tree! I had no idea a kapok tree could be as tall as that. I’ve been using pillows filled with kapok since I was a child and in our household I’m the only one who uses kapok-filled pillows. My husband and kids think it’s kinda weird that I like to sleep using hard and heavy pillows as against their soft & fluffy ones. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  7. Aggie says

    Hi Connie,
    You just made me very homesick. Lived all my life in the campus. Haven’t been home in 5 years and these photos make me want to visit soon. Thanks for sharing!

  8. kristen says

    pwede bang magtanong na how much is tuition ngayon? i studied my GE courses in Benguet State Univ, Vet Med, and after researching UPLB’s DVM, I want to shift. Would you happen to know if a lot of students get rejected in DVM there because of too many applicants? thanks for any and all replies :)