Manila’s Chinatown Plaza Calderon de la Barca and the Binondo Church

While the word Chinatown evokes thoughts of authentic Chinese food, quaint shops and jewelry stores, there are structures that are as much a part of the landscape as the people and the commercial establishments. That’s the Plaza Calderon de la Barca and, beyond it, the Binondo Church. Binondo Church

The Binondo Church in Manila’s Chinatown district was built in the 16th century but the bell tower is the only remaining part of the original structure.

If the angle looks weird, that’s because the photo was taken through the car’s windshield. So was the previous photo. And the next. welcome to chinatown

The sign says it all. Welcome to Chinatown! Ongpin Street in Manila's Chinatown

Ongpin, the street right in front of the Sta. Cruz Church which leads to the heart of Chinatown, is synonymous with the Chinatown district itself. President Restaurant along Ongpin Street in Manila's Chinatown district

And this is where we had lunch last Sunday – President Restaurant. You can view what we had for lunch here.


  1. d0d0ng says

    i used to work here and seeing the pictures bring back a lot of memories and the smell of food…. hehe

    • Joe Bariring says

      I visited President restaurant last year and the food was great so I recommended it to my wife when she visited the Philippines last month but she said the place has closed.

  2. says

    I have seen the Chinatown sign before when I was searching through a travel guide on the net about Pinas. And I have series of imagination of what Chinatown would look like but your photos gave me a view of what it looked like. Awesome!