It has a name! The Masungi Rock Formation Masungi rock formation

In February last year, when we drove around Tanay to test a new camera lens, we passed by a rock formation that immediately caught my eye. I took several photos because it looked interesting. The angle wasn’t very good as we were moving and I was shooting through the open window of the Frontier. I never thought about posting the photos because I couldn’t quite add context to them. Until today when I saw a photo on a website called Tourism Philippines that reminded me of the ones I took last year.

For mountaineers or just fans of beautiful rock formations, one is stunned by the numerous colossal rock formations of Mount Masungi covering hundreds of hectares. In some areas, at certain times of the year, with the right angle of sunlight and viewed from the top, the formations looked like tall spires of orangey-colored rocks that look like a fusion of the limestone karsts of Palawan and the vermillion colored rocks of the Grand Canyon of the United States of America. At the very least, the formations are an impressive sight to behold that seemingly go on for miles with its spiky tops poking through its thick vegetation.

I don’t know our exact location when I took that photo above. But if the rock formations cover hundreds of hectares, those rocks just might be part of the Masungi Rock Formation.