Is the Canon 350D obsolete?

Production of the Canon EOS 350D has been discontinued years ago and newer and more high tech models have been introduced into the digital camera market. The Canon 350D was my very first digital SLR. I had a long love affair with it until I passed it on to Sam after I got the EOS 40D. Why I bought the EOS 40D is a story by itself. Sam was playing around with the EOS 350D, fell in love with the whole creative process and she decided to take up Photography in college. I figured she’d need her own camera so I bought the EOS 40D so that she could use the EOS 350D exclusively.

I passed on the EOS 40D to Sam early last year (I now use a model with a full-frame CMOS sensor) and Speedy is now using the EOS 350D. That camera has been with my family for six years and it still takes magnificent photos you wouldn’t think it was in fact obsolete. It has never needed repairs (just the occasional cleaning) unlike the EOS 40D which already needed to have the shutter button replaced last year and it looks like it needs to be replaced again very soon.

Here are some recent photos taken with the EOS 350D. Of course, lots of the credit go to the photographer.

Whenever a dSLR upgrade happens in my family, friends and relatives ask if we’re selling the older models. We always say no. Looking at the photos above, you ought to understand why.

Oh, by the way. We pay for the full price of all our cameras. No freebies. :mrgreen:


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      hi ms. connie, i am using the same camera as your husband’s, and it’s been with me for many years. in fact it’s my only dslr. given that it’s only 8mp, i still think it takes good photos. your family is very artistic and creative. the photos you post are all beautiful and interesting. i am a hobbyist and i tend to post process my photos mainly for correcting colors and enhancing mid-levels. i would like to know your view about post-processing, or are you what they would call a purist who prefer to leave her photos untouched? thanks.

          • Sharon says

            I’ve been reading your blog 2 weeks now.

            I’ll be getting a DSLR (her first one) for my sister for her high school graduation present. Do you have a store that you recommend for buying DSLR cameras and where you get them cleaned? She’s in the Philippines- Baguio.

            I live in Vancouver but I look forward to checking your blog for travel ideas when I visit Phils. Saw your bits on Tagaytay. I love the place.


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            I buy directly from Canon dealers — the ones at SM Megamall and Trinoma, I can recommend.

            For cleaning, we go to Canon Service Center at the Pioneer Center in Mandaluyong.

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    The same could be said of Nikon’s venerable D40. Production has long been stopped and it’s getting harder and harder to find one in stores nowadays.

    But Nikon users know that the D40 is well-built model, simple and produces great shots even for a newbie.

    Now I miss my old D40. :D

  2. Ludwig says

    Beautiful captures!

    I don’t have a dslr, but for some reason I can’t let go of my P&S Canon A570is. It still takes great pictures and treated it like my best friend. We have gone through rain, shine, snow, and mud but not underwater though. However, I am tempted to buy the mirrorless system from Panasonic. lolz