In photography, you can’t always be on your feet if you want the best angle and composition sam-veneracion-intramuros-photography

Sometimes, it’s enough to stand in a spot where the subject is visible. sam-veneracion-intramuros-photography2

It’s basic. Sam and I both believe that.

But Sam doesn’t limit herself with the basics. sam-veneracion-intramuros-photography3

Sometimes, you have to be on your belly, on your butt… sam-veneracion-intramuros-photography4

…Or even on your back lying flat on the ground to get the best angle and composition. sam-veneracion-intramuros-photography5

She’s been doing that since she was in her early teens. She’d crawl in the garden to get close to bugs…

Me? I’ll stick to landscape and food photography.

Time & location: Intramuros at midnight