I don’t think Andrew Zimmern saw him

casaveneracion.com pet snake

When chef and television personality Andrew Zimmern came to shoot an episode of Bizarre Foods in the Philippines, he visited the Balaw-balaw Restaurant in Angono, Rizal where the specialty includes bugs and other exotic food. I don’t think he went to the town of Kalayaan in Laguna, however, to dine at the Exotik Restaurant. Snake wasn’t on the menu of Exotik but there was a pet snake there. It is kept in a cage but the cage is opened several times a day, under the supervision of an attendant, so that visitors can pet the snake. A rather large snake, at the widest part of its body, the size of a large watermelon.

I was too chicken to pet it — I don’t like reptiles — but I got near enough to take photos.

Now, I’m wondering — why is its tongue forked?


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    Wow! How brave of you to take this snake picture! The snake’s tongue is forked to serve as additional feelers for scent of food or threats.

    I am also afraid of snakes. Huge snake phobia.

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    That’s a very nice capture! Did you get to see the bigger (black)snake? It’s housed near the bigger function areas. The yellow snake is at the ground floor.