How long does the sunset last in the tropics?

Last Monday, I took my Lensbaby Composer for a whirl. Speedy and I drove to the highest point in the neighborhood to catch the sunset. I’m not so sure if the sunset is longer during the summer and shorter during the colder months. But on Monday, March 1 which is somewhere between the end of the cold season and the start of summer, the sunset lasted for less than 10 minutes. The exact time when the photos were taken are supplied by the camera’s EXIF data. sunset in Antipolo

How the horizon looked at 5:47:32 p.m. sunset in Antipolo

At 5:51:02 p.m. sunset in Antipolo

At 5:52:09 p.m. sunset in Antipolo

At 5:53:20 p.m. sunset in Antipolo

At 5:53.52 p.m.

Sorry about the cable that cuts right across the photos. They’re everywhere here in the Philippines and they always ruin landscape shots.


  1. says

    That’s true. I was hoping to snap some pics of the sunset in manila bay and I thought that I’d wait a little more so that I can only see 3/4 of it. I wasn’t really paying attention, next thing I know, it was gone! tsk tsk. Too bad.

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