House of Waffles, Baguio City House of Waffles, Baguio City

Last summer in Baguio City, after the aborted strawberry-picking adventure that ended in muddy shoes because of a sudden downpour, we were back at the Igorot Lodge before sundown. When the rain subsided to a drizzle, I went out for a walk. Camp John Hay is lovely at sunset. It was breathtaking to walk under those huge pine trees and the thin fog didn’t bother me at all. My short walk took me to the House of Waffles.

The large open veranda overlooking the golf course was inviting. I picked up a menu and browsed through it. Satisfied with what I saw on print, I went back to the Igorot Lodge and told Speedy and the girls we could have dinner there.

We did have dinner there. Huge mistake. The food was, at best, so-so.


    • cocoy says

      Hi Connie,

      Bad experience with their service this summer lang. Mas masarap pa waffles ko :-)

        • rhodora says

          ay naku, sinabi mo! huge mistake kumain sa house of waffles na yan. ang mahal pa. maganda lang tumambay sa veranda nila, but no thanks sa food nila.