Fantasy World in Lemery, Batangas

Between Tagaytay City and the town of Taal in Batangas, we passed by this monstrosity, errr… structure. Okay, it’s imposing, it’s noticeable, any young child would badger his or her parents to go to that castle but, my goodness, why anyone would want to place something like that in an area where the main attraction is a natural wonder — a volcano within a lake — is simply beyond me. It jars with the landscape, it totally ruins the magic and mystery of the place.


    • bien says

      you didnt able to go inside because youre not a member,,,,thats the reason……its not because of the structure….this is not just a photoshop where in a castle figure was just inserted in another image,,,it is true structure,,,it is located in lemery batangas,,,,there is also different kind of rides below near wyndham hills,,,

      • says

        We weren’t interested in going in because the structure was so ugly even from the roadside. The mere idea of paying membership to enter something like that is simply preposterous.

  1. says

    Me and my buddies passed by there yesterday.

    The place was not ugly. Actually GMA’s Majika teleserye was filmed here according to some blog I read. Because GMA 7 believed that the place is magical.

    But again beauty is subjective. So to you it might be ugly. To us it was not.

    According to some other blog post:

    The entrance fee was P1000.00 for non members.

    It was supposed to be a themed park just like Disney land. But it was halted due to financial reasons.

    IT is a great place, a magical place. If you’re a disney fan kid, you would surely appreciate this place.

    I hope some investor would continue building this place into a theme park.

  2. gil mendez says

    watch out for the scam. this is a scam through and through. from how they cheated
    on retired people of their money to build a place. Now if you go in, you will be frustrated.
    from very rude guards to absurd rules. watch out. the most absurd rule. only 1 camera
    for every group of 10. guards are assholes!

  3. rosie medrana says

    good day po, magkano po entrance sa fantasy world pwede po ba mag walk in dyan kahit d member at bukas po ba kayo every saturday

  4. says

    It is hilarious to look at palm rows and lush tropical foliage interrupted by a concrete fortress and a castle missing basic architectural references. I thought someone got bored with Photoshop and inserted the image. I checked the post date to make sure its was not done on April Fool’s Day, LOL. Seriously, I agree with you, it is a gross view-killer!
    BTW, I love CASA Veneracion’s layout!!

  5. says

    You should read some blog posts around the web calling the castle dreamy and beautiful. More light nightmarish, if you ask me hahahaha

    Re the layout. Thanks. Too many hours of PHP coding and pixel counting and I finally got it right hahahaha

  6. kleyo says

    magkano entrance dyan sa fantasy world ? ngayon ko lang nalaman yan . ganda naman dyan .

    pano pag galing sa san pedro mag commute lang reply po!

  7. xhena says

    open padin ba sila sa mga gustong magpunta until now? how much is the entrance fee? THANK YOU !