Deal or no deal: the Dealdozen Boracay package

Discount voucher sites are all the rage these days. Ensogo, Deal Dozen, Deal Grocer, Tipidto… they are just among the many. These sites partner with hotels, resorts, restaurants, spas and even nail salons to give the public “discounted rates.” Anyone interested registers and, as a registered member, one can buy vouchers online. The deals and featured establishments vary from day to day and the vouchers are always limited. I’ve registered with some of them (I wanted to see what they were offering) but have never bought a voucher. I don’t think I ever will now.

I still haven’t been able to resize and upload the Cape Bojeador photos and Sam is already asking if we’re not going anywhere else before their summer break is over. In dutiful mother mode, I started searching for places to go that won’t break my credit card in half. I was going through my Facebook wall when I saw an ad on the sidebar. The clicked and I landed on Deal Dozen. Here’s a screenshot.

Not bad, I thought. A loft suite at Alta Vista de Boracay. Two queen beds. A living room, dining area…

The question was how far was the resort from the beach. I decided to visit the Alta Vista de Boracay website.

The location is great — it’s nearer Puka beach (which I love) than White Beach (which I hate). I started checking the amenities and availability. And I almost burst a vein in my forehead. From shock and anger.

Remember that the Deal Dozen 3D/2N package for four was P11,990.00, down from the original value of P27,996.00.

But the regular price of the loft suite is only P9,000.00 (highlighted in pink box in the screenshot above). That would be P18,000.00 for two nights. Add the taxes and service charges and the price is P21,960.00 for two nights. So, where did the “original value of P27,996.00″ come from?

I clicked the “Book now and get special online rate” and the shock multiplied many times over.

The price has gone down to P13,998.00 (inclusive of taxes and other fees) — for four with breakfast just like the Deal Dozen offering.

But the Deal Dozen price of 11,990.00 is still lower than P13,998.00, so there’s still a P2,000.00 discount — still a discount so why get upset?

Well, because it’s misleading. By claiming an “original value of P27,996.00″, the Deal Dozen site makes it appear that I’m getting such a huge discount by buying a voucher. It’s a freaking mind job.

Discount voucher sites are very popular. Vouchers sometimes get sold out within a day. I don’t know how many people bother to cross check with the websites of the featured establishments to see how much discount they are actually getting. I don’t know how many buy vouchers instantly after getting carried away by numbers like 60% off and a price tag that’s fifty percent lower than the “original value of P27,996.00.”

Personally, I’m done with this shit. I am unregistering myself from the sites I have already signed up with.