Daranak Falls

casaveneracion.com the bridge at the park's entrance

The WOW Philippines website will tell you that Daranak Falls is located in Bgy. Tandang Kutyo at the foot of the Tanay mountains and is a favorite shooting location for local and international movies.

This foot bridge is the entrance to the Daranak Falls Park.

casaveneracion.com daranak falls

The WOW Philippines website also says “Daranak Falls nestles quietly at the foot of the Tanay mountains, preserved with the natural vegetation, complemented with beautiful waterfalls, ponds, and rivers cascading through elaborate tropical trees and plants.”

It was beautiful—if you look at the waterfalls and nothing else.

casaveneracion.com bathers at the daranak falls

What the WOW Philippines website does not say is that the government-run park and resort is filthy. It was crowded when we went there and there weren’t enough garbage bins. It was either that or there weren’t enough signs, or personnel to go around and remind visitors, to please dispose of their trash properly.


  1. dimphle says

    i want to go to daranak falls park..but i dont know how…can anyone teah me how?

      • says

        hi poh im from concordia college, student, 2nd year highshcool we will suppose to have a field trip in daranak falls and in sacramento valley on september 19, 2006 but for problem theres a dengue outbreak pero sa mga pictures siguro parang nakapunta na rin poh ako!!!! and my friends!!!!!!!sana next year ay dyan kami and sana matuloy! thanks poh!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • yen says

          hello. just went to daranak last week. in fairness to the LGU, they are renovating the place and when we were there, it was clean. i just dont know if it was because it was a weekday and there were only a few people swimming, or because they are really trying to make it better.. anganda ng daranak falls, and batlag falls is just a short hike from there.

          how to go to daranak falls.. from antipolo or morong, just traverse the manila east road. sa bandang km 56-57, after the cemetery, you will come across a junction. make a left turn, going to sampaloc. landmarks: may caltex and another gas station sa right. sa left, where you will make the turn, there’s a shell gas station and a marker for brgy. tandang kutyo. after that, go straight until you see the “daranak falls 2.5 kms” marker. may signs naman so you won’t get lost. and you can always ask for directions from the people there.

          it’s worth the trip!

          • eight says

            grabeh…… twicw na ko nakapunta jan….. first dumaan lng kme sa daranak kc dun kme sa batlag naligo then after a month sa daranak naman kc sarado ung batlag kc may shooting ang enteng kabisote…. nag enjoy ako jan grabe…. thank god kc ung frend ko taga tanay kaya alam nya yan…. na experience namen maki hitch sa truck ng enteng kabisote kc wala kme dala sasakyan….. haaaayyy… nag enjoy talaga kme jan… kaya ano pang hinihintay nyo… ligo na….

          • says

            We went there way back in 1995 and the falls itself was beautiful. Pero nakakalungkot na yung mga nagpupunta e sige lang sa pagtapon ng mga kinainan at basura nila. Good to hear na may effort ang LGU to beautify/improve the place para di matulad sa Hinulugang Taktak.

          • says

            It has to be the local government or people in charge at this wonderful places to implement a mandatory rules to dispose trash only at trash bins provided (if there’s any). If there’s not, officials has to provide it and dispose them properly to avoid polluting and creating an eyesore to the beautiful surroundings of the falls.Maybe it’s not too late for Hinulugang Taktak but it take efforts and money for clean up and
            if necessary post “no littering” or fine those who will or make everyone take home their own trash.
            Some maybe find this excessive but
            if everyone want to preserve cleanliness this should impose ASAP.

  2. says

    Dinah, we went to Hinulugang Taktak the same year we went to Daranak. Goodness, the water at the top of the falls was foamy with grime from the eateries surrounding the area. And the plastic bags caught among the rocks… Really, really sad.

  3. Crissa Mallare says

    about the time and days availability of daranak falls are not included in that sight.. can i pls know how to know that or some contact nos. of their coordinators?…

  4. julia says


    you have wonderful photos ms. connie, if you get to go there again, please post some more photos. i am planning to go there again. last trip to hinulugang taktak was a disapointment. my 2-year old boy told us: “Daddy ride car na, kasi baho dito.”

      • Rizaleño says

        By the way, 25 pesos lang ang fee. last summer when my sister and friends visited Daranak. In 2003, when I first visited the place with my college mates (no money). Some of our mates living in TANAY just presented their ID so we had a discount. Ewan ko lang kung may discount p rin ngaun mga taga Tanay

  5. Rizaleño says

    They do not allow tourists to stay there overnight. One of my friends also asked same question when we’ve been there, but it was jokingly answered by my other friend, “hindi pwede kc bk may magpakamatay”. And the caretaker agreed because some people visits the place just to express their emotions (para mag-emote lang ika nga). That’s why caretakers do not set aside or cannot discount the probability for such incident to occur. Fortunately, none so far. The point is for security and safety, they do not allow overnight.

    Now, how to get there? If you do not have vehicle and you will just commute, from CROSSING there are FXs and PUJs with TANAY sign board. Once you’ve arrived at TANAY Town, go to TANAY MARKET (via tricycle or just walk). From the MARKET, there are THREE-WHEELED MULTI-CABs or TRICYCLEs that fetches tourists to DARANAK/BATLAG FALLS. You may get the CP # of d driver to be back / to fetch you back after the tour/swimming. Along the trail to DARANAK, there is a trail northward going to other tourist attraction, the CALINAWAN CAVE.

  6. Rizaleño says

    Pahabol, you will also rent tables at the vicinity. P50 nung 2003, hahahha di ko n alam ngaun. All I know is affordable p rin kahit s mga studes n naglalakwatya

  7. Jane says

    Can I ask sir and mam.
    From Fx to Tanay, how much does it cost? and from tanay to daranak falls na tryk magkano din po kaya? ung estimated fare going there?

    • abegail bundac says

      we visited last saturday, May8, 2011 ..sarap sa batlag at daranak…actually,.hindi na bamboo ung bridge…bago na at stable na sya..madulas ung mga bato kaya be careful

      aranak Falls is open from 8am-5pm..7 days a week..no overnights
      Picnic Table/Shed -100

      while Batlag falls is offering overnights

      for overnight

      Picnic Shed-350

      those are the new rated for the 2…
      2.5 hrs ang byahe
      starmall-edsa to tanay-ride van =70 pesos
      tanay market near shopwise -tryc =P250 to P100
      pero pede nyong lakarin from market to daranak falls..
      mga 30 min walk..if kaya nyo..

      if more passengers, mas mura..enjoy
      for more questions..i’m just a tweet away > amrieabegail

  8. bernard river says

    i grew up in baras rizal, a town next to tanay. back then around the 70’s and 80’s i would call daranak was so pristine. back then there’s no picnic table, no guard, no gate, no wooden bridge, no entrance fee. we just our food used fallen logs for firewood and we just pick a spot and spent the night. we slept under the trees and the stars. it was so beautiful all you hear are jungle noises. we use banana leaves for paper plate. drink the water straight from the falls. this is the daranak falls that i used to know. i never been back there yet since then.

  9. fujico says

    pano po ba papunta sa daranak if galing ng tondo… and magkano kaya ang magagastos per head thanks