Country Garden’s millionaire’s vine

Along Circumferential Road in Antipolo, there is a cafe cum restaurant called Country Garden which, for as long as I can remember, Speedy and I have been promising to visit but hasn’t had the opportunity to do so. From the road, it looks like a quaint little place, quiet and serene despite being located along a busy street.

Well, I was doing an interview today and the people I was meeting suggested Country Garden. Of course, I said yes. Country Garden

Above is a view of Circumferential Road from inside the restaurant. The place is fully airconditioned so you won’t hear the roaring jeepneys, tricycles and trucks that pass by. I don’t remember much about the food as everything tends to taste the same when you’re asking questions and trying to elicit answers to come up with a decent article. However, I did order take-out for the kids because the interview lasted for more than two hours and I was pressed for time. The chili cheese fries that I brought home were just great.

But that’s not really what this entry is about. I want to show you the millionaire’s vine.

It caught my attention as soon as I arrived. The parking lot was roofless but shaded by a canopy of these pink-tipped wisps. millionaire's vine

I thought at first that it was artificial. You know, placed there deliberately to contribute to the “country garden” ambience. After the people I interviewed had left, and while I was waiting for my take-out order, I asked a member of the staff what the thing was. It’s a real plant, surprisingly, called millionaire’s vine. millionaire's vine

Above is a view of the millionaire’s vine from the side door of Country Garden. I asked the guy if they ever trimmed the hangings. He said, yes, they did. When you cut the light brown parts at the tip, the pink parts sprout from them. Amazing. I searched Google for more information on millionaire’s vine but found only one reference — film director Brillante “Dante” Mendoza’s home garden is teeming with it.

Speedy wants to build a trellis that will partially cover the back garden and I was thinking we could have millionaire’s vine at home. That would be awesome.


  1. jojo says

    wow, that’s a really unique plant. beautiful photos, too. that’s the nice thing about antipolo-anything will grow. unlike dito sa southern california. desert. maybe someday i’ll retire in antipolo! in the meantime, i’ll have a new place to check out (country garden) pag-uwi ko. btw, love your blog!

        • says

          We have millionaire’s vine here at the back of our property…we bought just 2 pots at the Manila Seedling Bank, I think we got them for P150/pot…
          It likes lots of sunshine and rain…Kasi nung una, we wanted it sana for our elliptical indoor garden, pero di nag-thrive, then I changed its location to the rear part of the lot…at first even giving up na baka di na tumubo like how it should—
          then one day, my son commented at the beauty of the “soft wisps of frozen rain” that seemed to be swaying…hahaha! Now I can say, it is not a difficult plant to care for after all. And it is a sturdy plant..

          • says

            And thanks dun sa tip mo…yesterday, I cut off some brown parts from the tips para mas marami ang pink tips na lumabas….naka-reach na nga hanggang sa cyclone wires sa perimeter fence…

            I tell you, masipag ang plant na ito… and sulit yung P150/pot!

    • Cesar encarnacion says

      I brought some cuttings from Gumaca Quezon in 2007//here in LA the milllionaires vine plant are thriving progressively..the cold weather of winter time is not a problem.. and now I have experimental plant growing inside the bowl or base of water..I guess I will be successful to grow it indoor..

    • says

      Hi Ms. Connie,

      We used to have that plant at my parents’ home in Nueva Ecija. Problem lang is binahayan ito ng mga lamok kahit regularly na-trim. Natakot kami sa dengue coz my second daughter caught it when she was two. Kaya tinanggal na namin ng tuluyan. What we now have are oregano, kutsay and lots of euphorbia. :-)

      • says

        hi ms. connie. my uncle has lots of these vines in his farm-resort in tanay. he took some home and placed on the 2nd floor of his house para mag-serve as outside curtain ng family room nila which are glass-walled. ang ganda ng effect! lalo na kapag may konting hangin. madami daw nito sa tanay, rizal. manghingi ka na lang sa mga owners ng farms doon. hehehe! ;)

  2. Carmel Spampinato says

    I like that pink vines, cool! To Cely: I wish you can plant for me if you’re available, I appreciate it. You’re so good in gardening, & those tropical flowers from the kubo , “feel like in paradise.”

  3. says

    Hi Connie!

    Just read your column about Food Porn on Manila Standard. Lose not hope! There are still some of us who write about food because we enjoy what we do (reading and eating). Sorry for reaching you here. Wala kasing comments iyong MS column mo, paciencia na. You can visit my news site when you have time. Moi and some friends have some “non-commercial” foodie articles over there. Not the least, allow me to say you write very well for a lawyer. You know what I mean so don’t think I’m patronizing you. Goodah!