Cattleya Farm Resort

Since my family moved to the suburb, we had taken a liking to private resorts–swimming pools with guesthouses that can be rented for the day or for overnight stay. It isn’t that expensive if you go with a group of, say, four families and you split the bill equally. The following photos were taken on two previous visits to Cattleya Farm Resort in Antipolo. The facilities include two swimming pools, a jacuzzi, a guesthouse with an airconditioned bedroom and a fully functional kitchen, outdoor grill, a mini-playground and, optionally, a karaoke machine. cattleya farm resort children's pool

Above, an overview of the children’s pool. cattleya farm resort big pool

The big pool with a great view of stretches of hills of Montalban (and San Mateo, I think), Rizal. my nieces in the children's pool

My husband’s nieces in the children’s pool. This photo was taken on my daughter’s birthday party (two years ago, I think) which we held at the Cattleya Farm Resort. cattleya farm resort whirlpool

My daughters and I in the jacuzzi. Connie Veneracion

That’s me cooling off in the big pool. contact info for Cattleya Farm Resort

We haven’t gone to Cattleya Farm Resort this summer yet–all the weekends are booked. We found another private resort recently and we might try that one this summer. For those interested in booking Cattleya, there’s the contact info above. This is not a paid advertisement. I’m recommending the place because my family has enjoyed every visit there.

Connie Veneracion

Hello, my name is Connie Veneracion. I cook, I shoot, I write. But I don't do the laundry. I don't like housekeeping very much either... (more about me)

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42 Responses

  1. Connie says:

    10 years ago… hmmm, 10 years ago, flyovers in highways was relatively new, there was only one metrorail system, and the real estate boom in Antipolo was in its infancy. there were political intrigues, of course. :razz:.

    • jop says:

      ate sassy,

      the water from the pool, great landscaping and the view are all very inviting. the airconditioned guesthouse must be a treat. if you and you family ever want to visit bicol and swim with the butandings, let me know in advance… p’s family owns a resort there and i think you and your family might really like our place.

      i am counting the days ’til i go home again!

  2. Toe says:

    Very nice. Looks also like a nice place for family reunions or office parties.

    • Chris says:


      I have recently discovered your prolific blog sites Sassy and think they are great. Just the thing for keeping in touch with Metro Manila while we are not there.

      We, I’m British born and my Filipina wife (of 30 years), live in Australia and are frequent visitors to our family home in Makati. We tend not to go far from home when we are there but would like to venture further a field.

      Can you tell me how to get to the Cattleya Farm Resort by public transport?


  3. Connie says:

    talaga, jop? naku i’ll remember that! thanks. :grin:

    ah yes, toe, big enough for such gatherings. :)

    Chris, there are FX transpo from makati that will get you directly to antipolo. from the center of the town, you will have to take a tricycle. just tell the driver to go in the direction of loreland and you will pass by cattleya. :)

  4. shabby says:

    Hi, my family had a great time swimming last holy week, and guess what, inside cattleya there’s a new resort named “Marabella Palace Resort”… GEEEZZZ, its really cool, their amenities are very modern and classy. you can liken it to a hotel treat. they has huge bedrooms and you dont believe this, they have king size bed!.. and balcony to each bedroom, to enjoy the overlooking views especially at night… It’s a resort like “home away home”

    I am a very satisfied customer and i just want to share this to everybody… thank you…

    check their website

  5. Connie says:

    i’ll go have a look tomorrow. thanks, shabby.

    • shie says:

      Hi there!just wanna add-up to all the comments about Marabella…Im a supervisor in one of the call centers here in Eastwood…it’s my first time to have a team building of my own and so I chose Marabella. They really liked the place (my mom who cooked our food liked the kitchen Ãœ)…it’s like an improved Laguna Resort in Tagaytay…nice view and very good amenities. Ãœ …THANX!!!

  6. ellen go says:


    do u have cattleya farm resort’s num?

  7. ejay says:

    We’re here last night with my barkadas including the birthday celebrant, Renet. The place is really awesome and the scenery is just fantastic that I just cant stop taking pictures. Good thing Peng offered a discount since she’s the owner of the resort. Thanks God she became our classm8 in college.

  8. rai says:

    hi…my friends and i are planning to rent a private pool…i am wondering how many days you satyed and how much in all did you pay for renting the cattleya farm resort

  9. Ditas says:

    The website for Cattleya Resort is There are now 4 big pools. Hope to see you all there.

    • Nilo Dominguez says:

      Information about the rate for one day rental of your private pool and how to get or direction of your resort

      Thanks and Gd Bless

  10. Nilo, why don’t you call Cattleya? The telephone numbers are provided on page 6 of the entry. May thank you ka pa at God Bless kung maka-demand ka naman parang may sekretarya ka dito ah.

    • michell dela cruz says:

      wow..the resort pictures are really great can’t wait till next week. we have reservation for pool no. 1 but we haven’t seen the place itself. does the pool with s curve and the jacuzzi somewhat hexagon shape is the pool no.1? thanks!

    • stella says:

      good day ms. connie! we’re planning to have a family outing next month at cattleya. since you’ve been there many times, what pool would you suggest, pool 1 or pool 4? thanks!!

  11. Stella, Pool #4 is very new but there is no guesthouse with airconditioned room. It’s ideal for teeners and adults but if you have small kids with you who might need peace and quiet for their afternoon nap, I recommend Pool #1. :)

  12. stella says:

    ok thanks! another inquiry, is there a public market nearby? We plan sana to buy some of the food that we will cook from there, para wala na kaming maraming bitbit. salamat ulit!

  13. Vicky says:

    We will go there next week !
    My nieces cant wait to go there to swim ! :D

  14. darwin says:

    grabe ang ganda ng resort ng cattleya sana makabalik pa kmi don “””

  15. ecarg says:

    how much po yung rent nya? if 50 persons s am or night swimming how much po?

  16. charm cruz says:

    good day! tanong ko lang if how much yung rent pag ni rent siya for over night, about 15-20 pax. thanks

  17. bayi says:

    Makes me think that I am missing out a lot in delaying my trip to the Philippines! :) The last time was about 10 years ago!

  18. Joe Bariring says:

    I am thinking of selling our property in Las Pinas (empty lot) and buy another one somewhere in the suburb. Would you suggest Antipolo?
    Any idea how much?

  19. Connie says:

    Joe, I think you should visit Tanay first. Much, much lovelier. And the climate is friendlier.

  20. Kang says:


    I’m living in Quezon City and just want to know where I can get any information like overnight rates for Cattleya Farms resort and how to get there.


  21. albert says:

    hello guys, we will be there in cattleya resort tomorrow for overnight swimming the whole team of banquet department of crowne plaza. so see you there.

  22. just man says:

    Cattleya here we come…

  23. debbie ann onrubia says:

    ask ko lang kung pwede pa sa may 21 or june 4 overnight swimming.. can u give me a quotation for the night swimming and is there a videoke? tnx

  24. Ginny Cruz says:

    Hi everyone, I don’t think its fair to make *kulit* Ms. Connie regarding any of the info that you’re asking for Cattleya Resort. This is a blog and not a paid advertisement site. She was gracious enough to post the contact number of the resort through a posted picture. So please stop flooding her site with comments that are not of her concern.
    Ms. Connie, sorry about ranting but I was kind of disappointed that some people have disregarded the main purpose of your blog.

  25. Oh, thank you, Ginny. Thank you. :)

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