Cattleya Farm Resort

Since my family moved to the suburb, we had taken a liking to private resorts–swimming pools with guesthouses that can be rented for the day or for overnight stay. It isn’t that expensive if you go with a group of, say, four families and you split the bill equally. The following photos were taken on two previous visits to Cattleya Farm Resort in Antipolo. The facilities include two swimming pools, a jacuzzi, a guesthouse with an airconditioned bedroom and a fully functional kitchen, outdoor grill, a mini-playground and, optionally, a karaoke machine. cattleya farm resort children's pool

Above, an overview of the children’s pool. cattleya farm resort big pool

The big pool with a great view of stretches of hills of Montalban (and San Mateo, I think), Rizal. my nieces in the children's pool

My husband’s nieces in the children’s pool. This photo was taken on my daughter’s birthday party (two years ago, I think) which we held at the Cattleya Farm Resort. cattleya farm resort whirlpool

My daughters and I in the jacuzzi. Connie Veneracion

That’s me cooling off in the big pool. contact info for Cattleya Farm Resort

We haven’t gone to Cattleya Farm Resort this summer yet–all the weekends are booked. We found another private resort recently and we might try that one this summer. For those interested in booking Cattleya, there’s the contact info above. This is not a paid advertisement. I’m recommending the place because my family has enjoyed every visit there.