Huge in many ways


Photo Friday’s theme is Huge! It might sound like a no-brainer but there are many ways to interpret the word. Hugeness, after all, is both relative and subjective.

A ten-story building would look huge to someone seeing a multi-story building for the first time but for those who grew up in the city in this generation, that would be a squat little thing. Frogs are not huge animals but there are small frogs and huge ones. There are eyes that look huge in proportion to the head. Or, the physical size may be unrelated to the hugeness, as in a huge scare over a bat getting inside the house. Or, perhaps, a photo of an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend with a caption “HUGE MISTAKE.” The examples are endless but you get the drift — huge can mean a lot of things. »

Alex’s Bicol trip


There's nothing like going to an unfamiliar place and having a local take you around. We've been to Legazpi City and neighboring towns (see the posts from that trip) and never got to visit the places that Alex went to last week. We just spent so much time getting lost and getting pissed. Alex was luckier this time.Last … »

C-6 Road and a story about street lights, floods and parked cars


We sometimes take the C-6 route when we go to Manila to see the girls. Traffic along C-6 is light to non-existent although before reaching and after exiting C-6, traffic can be insane. But C-6 is picturesque for the most part with unobstructed views of Laguna de Bay on one side. The photo above shows a portion of C-6 road. … »

Gat Paguil and Prince Carlos at the Pangil town plaza


Most have heard of Pakil but not Pangil. In fact, when I told Speedy that we could go to Pangil to photograph Lenten penitents, he did a double-take and asked, "Pakil?" as though, perhaps, I had mispronounced the name of the town. Pangil and Pakil are two distinct towns in Laguna. If you take the Manila East Road, Pangil is … »

Sam tries fishing


We drove to Pangil (not Pakil), Laguna to photograph Good Friday penitents. Sam is preparing for an exhibit and, well, she's photographing everything interesting whether from a visual or a cultural perspective, or both. Speedy suggested shooting Lenten rituals and off to Pangil we went. Why Pangil and not Pampanga which has … »

Well, they sure looked like potholders — with paws and claws


Think of it this way. Take a potted plant. Say, a pot of sweet basil with flowers blooming on the tips. Show it to a botanist and he will see a specimen. Show to a decorator and he might see something that can adorn a window or a corner of the patio. Show it to a cook and he'll see aromatic herbs that belong in a pot or a … »