At Estacio Uno: a room with a view

Can waking up get any better with a view like that?The sliding door opens to a small balcony with a table and chairs. I spent at least three times a day in that balcony sipping coffee or tea and just watching the sea. … [Read more...]


Midday walk on the beach

Walking under the sun at noon is normally something everyone avoids. But on the beach, it isn't all that unpleasant especially when the destination is an Italian restaurant and the reward for making the long trek is great … [Read more...]


The mangrove and the wharf in Cadiz

When my friends and I left for Negros Occidental two weeks ago, we had no idea what we were going to do there. We were four friends from the U.P. College of Law -- Laly, Lisa, Ida and myself, plus Ida's and Laly's kids -- and … [Read more...]


Creating moods with lights and shadows

There is probably no better example of how to use lights and shadows to create a visual mood than to cite horror films. I think of Nicole Kidman walking into a fog in The Others; of Chloe Grace Moretz sitting barefoot on a … [Read more...]


7 days in Negros Occidental

The simplest way to explain the seven-day inactivity in the blog is to say that I went to Bacolod City. But that wouldn't be accurate. The more precise way to describe the last seven days is to say that a group of friends … [Read more...]


Sunrise above the clouds

I've taken thousands of photos of the sunset but I have very few photos of the sunrise. I've never been a morning person so that shouldn't be too hard to understand. Besides, the colors of the sunset have always excited me … [Read more...]