It is a grievous mistake to call The Ruins the Taj Mahal of Negros


The Filipinos' penchant for drawing parallelisms between a foreign phenomenon and a perceived local version is mind-boggling. Although meant as flattering, the obvious irony (sadly missed by most) is that any comparison is, in essence, derogatory as it sets the foreign phenomenon as a standard and the local counterpart as a mere copycat. Erik Mana, dubbed the David Blaine … [Read more...]

Chapel of the Cartwheels in Hacienda Rosalia


We visited three churches in Negros Occidental. The first was the San Sebastian Cathedral. It's an old structure and has its attractions as such but the facade was covered with tarps about the Catholic Church's war against the Reproductive Health Law and I lost interest. It didn't help that right beside it was an imposing two-story brick building that turned out to be the … [Read more...]

Oro, plata, mata: the house, the stairs, the superstition


In 1982, Peque Gallaga directed Oro, Plata, Mata (Gold, Silver, Death), a multi-awarded film about the lives of two families, the Ojedas and the Lorenzos, in Negros during the second World War. To this day, Oro, Plata, Mata is still considered one of the finest Filipino films ever produced with its superb production design and the performance of a stellar cast. It will … [Read more...]

A story about Angels & Demons


Although I was born a Catholic, I don't consider myself one anymore. Ergo, I don't go to church. Last weekend, however, I did. I accompanied Sam who had to take photos for a class project. I carried the tripod for her -- my tripod because she left hers in the condo -- I set it up for her, I should have asked her to pay me just like any photographer pays an assistant but, … [Read more...]

Constructed in five years


Still my favorite skyscraper even though it no longer holds the record for being the tallest. I love everything about Taipei 101 -- from the symbolism to the green design to the steel pendulum that acts as a tuned mass damper to absorb vibrations caused by tremors, Taiwan being in an earthquake belt. I've seen that pendulum up close and I tried to take photos but I had the … [Read more...]