Night sky and breakwater

The string of lights on the left is Roxas Boulevard. The twin blocks of light near the center is Sofitel (formerly Philippine Plaza) Hotel. The circular light at the right is … [Read more...]


Soft lights and palm trees

Sam needed shots of Manila Bay for a class assignment and, as I usually do when she shoots, I brought a camera along and took photos with her. Just the Powershot G10 as I … [Read more...]


A story about Angels & Demons

Although I was born a Catholic, I don't consider myself one anymore. Ergo, I don't go to church. Last weekend, however, I did. I accompanied Sam who had to take photos for a … [Read more...]


Constructed in five years

Still my favorite skyscraper even though it no longer holds the record for being the tallest. I love everything about Taipei 101 -- from the symbolism to the green design to … [Read more...]