Photography Tips

No need for heavy technical jargon to take good photos. Just go out there and shoot. Here are some practical tips to get you started.

Sun, rain and the mating season


I was editing photos for a dessert recipe I’ll post later when I looked out the window and saw raindrops glistening in the sunlight. My first thought was a house fly wedding. Our yaya (that’s nanny for non-Filipino speakers) once said that when it rains while the sun shines, “ikinakasal ang langaw” which literally translates to house flies are being married. My brother and I thought it was a funny thing to say but we didn’t exactly object to the statement. It’s nice to be fanciful sometimes.

Of course, there came a time when we realized that our yaya was merely repeating a superstition. I mean, a wedding ceremony for house flies? Can you picture a female house fly with a veil and a bouquet, and a house fly in robes officiating? Perhaps, the “ikinakasal” part was a child-friendly translation for mating. Can you imagine house flies in an orgy? »

Pet photography or pet portraiture?


Pets sometimes become so much a part of the family that they get included in family portraits. They even get solo photos! I was wondering what the correct term is for pet portrait photography is considering how it has become quite a specialized niche in professional photography. So, it is pet photography, pet portrait … »

iFilm on iTunes


Sam has a film photography class, she's loving it and she has this dream that we'd build a dark room for her. I told her we can give her a spare room but she will have to fill it with dark room equipment herself. I mean, gee, that's pretty expensive stuff, tools of her trade, in fact, so it sounds more logical that she buys … »

Night sky and breakwater


The string of lights on the left is Roxas Boulevard. The twin blocks of light near the center is Sofitel (formerly Philippine Plaza) Hotel. The circular light at the right is the ferris wheel at Star City. And, on the foreground, the Manila Bay breakwater.I took several shots of this scene using different camera … »

Soft lights and palm trees


Sam needed shots of Manila Bay for a class assignment and, as I usually do when she shoots, I brought a camera along and took photos with her. Just the Powershot G10 as I didn't feel like hauling the 5D Mark II with the super heavy wide angle lens. I was confident that the G10 would produce good night photos. It usually … »

Mirror (interpreting a photo challenge theme)


Joining online photo challenges is a good way to hone photography skills. To stand out, one has to submit some really good photos so it's not unusual to shoot, re-shoot and re-shoot some more until one has at least one image that one feels will stand out in the crowd.Personally, I don't have the time nor the energy to … »

Tilt-shift photography


I didn't know what tilt-shift meant until about a week ago. I asked Sam, she explained in a nutshell, I researched the rest and then I experimented. The easiest way to explain tilt-shift? Keep part of the photo sharp and blur the rest. And this really goes beyond twiddling with the aperture value. Pretty neat, actually. If … »

Aim for the eye. Always.


No, that's not an advice on how to kill an eagle. That's a guide on how to photograph animals. Always focus on the eye. … »